February 10, 2010

How To Buy Security Cameras for For The Home

As security cameras get more popular and less expensive it is getting much more common to find security cameras installed in residences. A surveillance system in the home can provide much more than peace of mind. It can be used as a tool to watch over your children, your pet, the nanny or a contractor.If […]
December 9, 2009

How To Use Security Cameras As A Pool Alarm

If you are like me and you have young children in the house and a swimming pool, you know that it can be a deadly combination. There are constant stories of tragic deaths that could have been prevented by taking certain precautions. Pool alarms that float in the pool and detect the motion of moving […]
December 5, 2009

What Type Of Internet Is Best For Remotely Viewing Your DVR?

One of the biggest benefits of having security cameras is the ability to remotely view your security cameras from anywhere in the world. In order to do this, you will need a networkable DVR. The DVR (digital video recorder), is at the center of your surveillance system. A security DVR can have a web server […]
November 17, 2009

What Is The Best Gift or Present For Christmas?

While you spend hours trying to decide on the best present to give for Christmas, why not give the gift of security? There are many people that would love to get a brand new security camera system for Christmas. Who you ask? Well consider giving the gift of a surveillance system to these types of […]
August 11, 2009

What is the NTSC And PAL Setting On My DVR?

Many DVRs are compatible with both NTSC and PAL standards. NTSC standard is predominately in North America and PAL in Europe. The PAL and NTSC standard actually refer to the method used to transmit color. The PAL standard actually requires 2 NTSC decoders to display video (one for each line alternatively) while the NTSC standard […]