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Video Security Measures for Cannabis Security and Why they work!

There are a lot of regulations and laws surrounding cannabis security and business and some of the most important aspects of these regulations pertains to security and video security measures. In this story we will showcase an example on why they work, and why it is important to have a proper security system put into place.
When in the cannabis business you are entering into high risk territory. With a blend of desirable product stock, daily cash handling and banking obstacles dispensary’s and grows can easily become a target. So each business should be aware of the security risks that come with the business of marijuana and become informed on measures to protect those business assets.

The follow story is an example on how the proper security measures can help detour, deflect and capture criminals in cases when crime occurs.

Thieves Captured Thanks To Witnesses & Security Video Measures for Cannabis Security

In the Morning hours in Carbondale Colorado, Sweet Leaf Marijuana Dispensary was targeted and robbed. A robbery could possibly be a dispensary or any other business’s worst nightmare. Men wearing camouflage masks and carrying weapons, held up the Colorado marijuana dispensary. These men proceeded to terrorized employees, handcuffed the clerk and emptied the cash safe.

The entire robbery was captured on surveillance video. In the video footage it shows the suspects entering the premises right before store opening. The employee, working that morning, was greeted with a handgun complete with a laser sight and was then handcuffed and forced into the back office to open the safe.

The Robbers stole $1,000 in cash along with marijuana and other cannabis products displayed on the sales floor. Luckily, the employee was able to break out of the back window and call for help as the thieves took off.

Police, are saying that along with the video footage, witnesses on site were able to provide them with a good detailed description which led investigators to the suspects. The Suspects Aurturo-Nuno Cervantes and Erick Jose Colon of Colorado Springs were arrested near Carbondale Colorado. The investigators found the gun used at the scene, the stolen cash, and stolen product inside the stolen vehicle the pair were driving.

James Friend, Owner of Sweet Leaf Dispensary was thankful that day for having the proper surveillance system set in to place as well as thankful for the quick police response. He said, “We Have state of the art equipment and all of our angles, we were able to catch them.”

For this Colorado Marijuana Dispensary, having the proper surveillance was very beneficial in aiding police to capturing the suspects. Everyone was lucky that day.

You can Read the Full Story Here


What was James Friend Referring to when he mentioned “angles”?

Generally with Cannabis business your layout should cover all major access points such as entrances, exits, and even windows. All point of sale areas and safes should be covered by video surveillance as well as product displays and distribution points. Another general rule of thumb is to have cameras placed for coverage, security cameras placed to show another cameras, just in case tampering occurs, this coverage will capture from video of other cameras in just such cases. Essential, this is what it means to make sure all your angles are covered.


Click here see the advantages to modeling your layout

Other Security Requirements for cannabis security include the surveillance system having access to the internet and having all recording devices accurately displaying the time and date stamp. In most states DVRs are required to be locked and secured on the premise in either a separate area or inside a Lockbox.

These are general guidelines to follow. When designing a surveillance system for cannabis business please refer to your states individual laws and regulations or if you need layout and system design advice feel free to contact our Cannabis Security Specialists, we are actively working with Washington State, Colorado, Oregon and Alaska on cannabis security regulations and will be happy to assist in the construction and design of a video security system. We guarantee that your systems will meet all your state requirements and we will work with you to make sure the system will also meet your security goals.

Currently there are Twenty three states that have legalized medical marijuana, and four that have both recreational and medical legalized. Alaska and Oregon are still working to finalize regulations and requirements for licensed retailers. Each state offers a different set of regulations, and there is not a cookie cutter approach to system design.



We at Techpro Security products have been working hand in hand with these state officials and have offered input into helping shape these regulations. Thus, if you are in cannabis business our cannabis security department would be a great place to start. We offer a low pressure, informative consultation process with experts who know your industry.

More than a security System:

Yes, video surveillance systems are a beneficial security measure it is also good to think of other aspects of your business when designing one. First of all, as a business owner you can visual view the everyday day to day business flow from just about anywhere. Since our video security systems are mobile device compatible. Track inventory, cash flow and employee activity. In the grow industry security cameras can be useful when monitoring plant health. With good camera resolution you can view your plants from anywhere. What a great tool for canna business, be aware of your product from plant to sales floor and be able to use this tool from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or any device that has a web browsers!

Choose from, IP Network Surveillance, HDCVI or HDTVI technologies, these are top of the line security technology’s that can provide long lasting security systems.

Long story short, Canna business shouldn’t have to be risky business and having the proper security systems in place can make your business more secure and also means a little less for you to worry about. Your security is our business and the rest is up to you.