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What Is P2P / Peer to Peer Networking?

In this brief guide, we will try to answer one of the more common questions concerning video surveillance systems – What is P2P / Peer to Peer Networking? It is one of the most common inquiries we receive as a security camera company.

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What Is P2P / Peer to Peer Networking?

You’ve probably heard the term P2P thrown around quite a bit. What P2P is short for is peer-to-peer networking and it is essentially just a name for a style of network configuration. 

In a P2P network, two or more computer or network-connected devices connect directly to each other and act as both servers and clients simultaneously. 

In this kind of network, all computer devices are equally working together to share data and form the network. 

This is different from the more familiar ‘client-server’ style model, in which a single or group of powerful high storage capacity computers act as the sole servers for a network. 

Any other computers joining this network pass all their data through these servers. 

How Does P2P Benefit Your Security Camera System?

So, how does P2P benefit your CCTV or security camera video surveillance system? 

Well, P2P is a simple and easy method by which you can connect your PC or smartphone to your surveillance recorder or security cameras by using the QR code.

In your recorder, you can scan or type that serial which comes with that QR code into your device running the correct application in combination with your username and password to connect directly to your security camera system from anywhere in the world.

For more info on how to set up P2P on your recorder, check out our guides for that found in the tutorial videos on our YoutTube page. 

Thanks for reading and please contact Security Camera King to speak with our technical support team if you have any questions regarding how to set up a P2P network or what its importance is.

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What Is P2P / Peer to Peer Networking?

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