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What to Know About Buying IP Cameras For Sale

There are many reasons to consider purchasing IP cameras for sale to protect your home or business. Network IP security camera systems are quickly becoming the most popular choice in modern surveillance thanks to their many advantages over older analog CCTV technologies.

Security and surveillance have been used in some form to protect areas for countless years. Although the first CCTV technology was only first used as recently as 1942, surveillance technologies have since progressed immensely.

At first only available to military personnel and unavailable to the public, modern security cameras are now widely used across the world. The global rise in security camera use is primarily due to the increasing technological advancements as well as consumer affordability across the entire retail market.

The article below is meant to help inform the average consumer why investing in IP cameras for sale is the best choice across most surveillance applications. If you’d like more information on how to choose a security camera system or wish to speak with a surveillance expert directly, contact the Security Camera King sales team.

What are Network IP Security Cameras?

In order to better understand why network IP cameras for sale are the ideal choice, it’s important to learn how the technology works. Analog CCTV systems and network IP camera systems differ in a number of significant ways.

IP, which stands for Internet Protocol, systems transmit and receive information over a network connection. This differs from analog CCTV cameras, which require direct wired connections to send and receive data.

The main advantages of sending and receiving data over a network connection are storage, camera placement, and user convenience. Whereas older CCTV camera systems could only be monitored on-site by the user, the surveillance footage on network IP camera systems can be viewed from anywhere with a network-connected device.

This allows businesses and homeowners to gain the ability to check in on live security camera feeds remotely. Remote access also allows for more modern surveillance solutions to be used by security personnel through a remote video monitoring service.

Additionally, installing network IP security cameras is considerably more flexible than analog CCTV cameras of the past. Because network IP cameras send their data digitally over a LAN (local area network), they require less wiring.

This means being able to place security cameras in a much wider array of locations without the limitations caused by having multiple direct wired connections. It also makes scalability easier since adding new IP cameras to video surveillance systems in place is not nearly as difficult as it once was.

However, the disadvantage to network data distribution is that it requires considerably more bandwidth in order to send and receive the data efficiently. Depending on the overall size of the setup, some areas will require adding an additional network just to be able to fully handle the bandwidth requirements.

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Types of IP Security Cameras

If you are looking at IP cameras for sale, you will notice that there are many different camera types and styles. The first factor to take into consideration will be the difference between centralized IP cameras and decentralized IP cameras.

  • Centralized IP Cameras – The way that a centralized IP security camera actually records and digitizes information is with a network video recorder, or NVR. The NVR operates by using software that records digital video. After the digital video is recorded, the data is sent to a storage device.
  • Decentralized IP Cameras – The way that a decentralized IP security camera records and digitizes information is with technology that is built-in to the camera itself. Decentralized IP cameras record and compress the digital data and then send the information to the video storage device directly.

Most small businesses and homes are best suited with decentralized IP cameras since there are usually only a few in place. For larger surveillance applications that have many cameras connected to the system, centralized IP cameras are more suitable.

There are also many different styles of IP cameras for sale to choose from, all of which are designed for specific applications. The most common security camera styles used across most surveillance applications are fixed IP cameras, fixed dome IP cameras, PTZ IP cameras, and PTZ dome IP cameras.

  • Fixed IP Cameras – Fixed IP cameras, also referred to as bullet IP cameras, remain positioned to view a single focus point. There are many types of lens available that can adequately monitor the desired field of view. Fixed IP cameras are primarily used in situations where discreet surveillance monitoring is not a concern and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Fixed Dome IP Cameras – Fixed dome IP cameras come shaped in a dome-like housing and can be positioned to view a single focus point. Thanks to their design, users are able to monitor their property much more discreetly. The fixed dome IP camera can be positioned to record in most directions without alerting people to the direction it is facing, making it more preferable in situations where discreet surveillance monitoring is a concern.
  • PTZ IP Cameras – PTZ IP cameras, also called pan-tilt-zoom IP cameras, are capable of monitoring a large area. The PTZ camera allows users to manually tilt, pan, and zoom in and out for a greater field of view. Some PTZ cameras also come with more advanced technology, such as auto-tracking and automatic touring patterns, making them ideal for monitoring large areas without requiring additional cameras.
  • PTZ Dome IP Cameras – PTZ dome IP cameras are capable of monitoring a large field of view. The PTZ dome camera can zoom in and out, pan as much as 360°, and tilt up to 180°. The dome-shaped housing design allows users to discreetly monitor a large field of view without adding additional cameras. In addition to manual movement, PTZ dome cameras can be programmed to automatically tour from one field of view to the next.

If you’re ready to buy IP cameras for sale, be sure to check out our online security camera store. We carry many different types of network IP cameras as well as a vast collection of video recorders and related security camera equipment.

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