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Access Granted – Introduces Access Control

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Friday, August 8th, 2014


Recently, here at TechPro Security Products, we have introduced a new line of Access Control products. We have teamed up with IDTECK, one of the biggest names in the security industry. IDTECK is a big security company based out of Seoul Korea, specializing in their top of the line access control systems. Established in 1989 IDTECK has come a long way from introducing their first explosion proof RF reader in 1995, to starting their research in biometrics in 2005, into becoming the leader in the access control industry today. They have made some great accomplishments and now you can order their products here in the states on

There are people who think their camera system is enough, although sometimes that may not be the case. Security Cameras may only prevent 75% of break-ins, while access control will prevent over 90%. Also, keep in mind that access control is much more than just swiping a card on a reader and gaining access to a door. It can mean gate access. Say you live in a gated association and when you press a button to make the gate go up and drive in. Or in some cases you may not even have to press a button, it may be automatic when you come within 50’ of the reader. Offered online are several long range readers so whenever you get close enough to said reader access is granted. This comes in handy for various reasons like long range access control, hands free identification, personal tracking, and parking control.

When it comes to general access control such as scan a card and gain access, or even using some kind of biometric readers to gain access to a door, we have you covered. 4 doors, 8 doors, or 32 doors its all here. Using the iFDC, which is a 4 door access control panel, you can control up to 4 doors using the iFDC boards and 4 standard card readers or proximity readers. 100,000 users are supported, and also the unit can be powered through PoE (Power over Ethernet). There are 8 relay outputs to handle things like your maglocks, strobes, or sirens. Also 8 inputs to handle your door sensors or exit buttons. This system is the most ideal system offered for a 4 door access control system. When it comes to 8 door access control we have the best system offered today, our iEDC 8 door access control package is the most reliable package on the market. There are a total of 16 relay inputs and outputs for your maglocks, door sensors, strobes, sirens, and exit buttons. Basically the same thing as the iFDC 4 door package but doubled. Still PoE capable, and also both the iFDC and iEDC have embedded web servers. Also the iEDC offers what is called a Duress mode, this is a function that can save someones life and possibly save you a lot of money in stolen or damaged property. An example of how it works is, a woman may be more vulnerable to a masked man trying to gain access to a building said woman has access to, well if she swipes her card and enters a PIN into the keypad she has just alerted either the security department in the building or the proper authorities outside of the building. This is an excellent feature to help ease the mind of an employee that may or may not be in harms way.

Also, Time and Attendance is a big deal of access control. This allows business owners to monitor the coming and going of employees. We offer a time and attendance management software that will allow you to manage simple payroll such as time in and time out, or advanced which allows you to monitor your employees time off for break and so on. This software works with most of our packages so this way small business or big business you are covered. If you have an employee that takes too many smoke breaks and is hard to prove he is smoking more than working this is a more than effective way to solve the issue. If you have an employee showing up late or too early and don’t want them to go over there hours this is a efficient way of managing your payroll issues.

All of these things could not work if was not for the most vital part of the system. Your readers and your cards. Forget your card and you are stuck in some cases, or something happens to your reader and all the software in the world can’t help you. This is why we have such a variety of readers and cards.

Starting with the readers, we offer a wide range of proximity readers that are weather proof. They can handle anywhere from 4 inches to 12 inches of read distance depending on the model. For example our ACR-RF10 can read a proximity card or smart card up to four inches away. Then on the other hand the ACR-RF30 can read the cards up to 12 inches away. We also offer a vandal proof series of readers. These are proximity card and smart card readers that are for lack of better term destruction proof. Although we DO NOT know what would happen if it was shot with a gun, we do know however that it is safe from people smashing it with a hammer or painting over the numbers if it is a keypad. These are a lot heavier to hold in your hand than normal readers so it is easy to see that they are indeed vandal proof.

Now, we have a few different cards all do relatively the same things. The most popular would be the clam shell cards. We offer a printable and a non-printable version of this card.  We also carry a keyfob that may be easier to carry around and be more accessible. The sticker card is something that would be ideal for someone who doesn’t want some extra thing they have to carry it around. You can stick it to the back of your phone or something along those lines. And then there is the long range card that is compatible with our long range readers mentioned earlier.

There are several things that go into making an access control system work the way you need it too. Here at we have everything you need to make it happen. Just remember while your security camera system may be a deterrent to intruders, there may be just one person that decides he/she can still get away with it. While this may be true, if you had an access control system you wouldn’t have to worry about that because he/she would not be granted access. There are several reasons why one of these systems should be in place, what ever yours may be give us a call at 866.573.8878 or check us out online at


Biometrics and Security – It’s all about Access Control

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Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Biometrics is the measurable features or characteristics of a human. These traits can be used to identify people for access control to a building or devices and anything in between. In today’s tech-savvy world we use biometrics every day and may not even realize it. There are many ways to measure and record a human’s biometric information for access control.

A lot of us now have smart phones. Both android and IOS came out with facial recognition to unlock the cell phone for use. That feature uses biometrics. Since most of us have different facial features this works fairly well in preventing others from using your cell phone. The software has been going through some refinements as people have found ways to spoof it. For example get a picture of the person then use that to unlock their phone. In this application the failing part is that the image used to set up facial recognition is 2 dimensional.  3 dimensional would be needed to add extra difficulty so spoofing would not nearly as easy with just a taking Polaroid picture.  Still it is amazing that you can now have access control set up on your own cell phone.

To secure a business the technology is now available to integrate access control with CCTV security cameras. Up until the 1990’s access control for most companies consisted of a security guard watching a TV monitor to verify an individual’s identification. Then that person got “buzzed” in. There are many places that still use that setup or something very similar to it. Sure it works and is easy to operate. However, it is archaic by today’s standard and if you are going for full automation that setup is not even close.

A standalone biometric controller can be utilized with a security camera Digital Video Recorder. Biometrics used in this application are typically for full automation while still logging everything in the access control authorization, so security audits can be done to verify the biometric scanner is functioning properly and only allowing individuals in and out that have been approved by the administrator.

An image of a Thumb print reader is the device used in verification of a person’s identity. The Key pad is used to program and initiate the log in procedure. At the top is the camera and at the bottom middle is the finger print scanner. The PIR sensor is on the lower right corner as you can see the or not see the sensor is hidden under the dark plastic.  This particular device can store up to 5 different prints from one person. When adding your user I would use both thumbs and pointer fingers. Just in case the user forgets what digit to use on which hand. The MAC1000SR has a built in camera and a PIR sensor or motion sensor.  Also there is a microphone built directly into the device. Our original intent is to use the microphone through phone systems using video phones so you can have two way communications with gate keeper and key master.


The MAC1000SR has a few different ways to activate recording as does your security DVR.  The main focus will be with the DVR as that device will be doing the recording. The DVR could be setup to record motion so when the camera picks up motion the DVR will start recording. There by allowing a recording of the person accessing the door. Another option is to use the alarm outputs on the MAC and connect them to the alarm inputs on DVR. That can tell the DVR to record when someone triggers the PIR sensor or when the user initiates the Biometric Check. The MAC does come with cables so you do not have to worry about acquiring a cable and figuring out how to make RJ59 connect to a circuit board.

Another option is to use the access card only or in conjunction with a finger print. When you use both finger print and access card that adds an additional layer of security. That way should a person lose or have their card stolen the card on its own is useless. The reader still needs a finger print to finish the authentication process to allow access. Two part authentication is as secure as it gets. The idea behind it is just like your own email account. You have a user name and a password without either you have no access. Every extra step you can implement adds another layer of protection. The great aspect of the technology is that even though extra layers of encryption and authentication are added the time it takes the reader to process the information is between one and two seconds.  That is amazing considering the amount of data processed, and it is faster than most people can pull their keys out of their pocket and turn the latch.

There are many real world applications for this technology in any business. In the military keeping the weapons accounted for one hundred percent of the time is mandatory, and easy with access control. In the police stations around the world from the holding cells to offices and more, this can make accountability a breeze. In businesses, allowing certain employees access to specific areas only such as keeping the sales people out of the warehouse or vice versa, access control is the way to go. Even something as simple as stopping customers from going into employee areas can be efficiently handled with these security system access controls.