April 19, 2018
License Plate Cameras

How to Configure the Ideal Settings for IPLP-SB4IRZ License Plate Cameras

The purpose of this article is to provide a few tips and tricks for formatting some of our most popular license plate cameras (IPLP-SB4IRZ). Formatting license plate cameras (also known as ALPR or LPR cameras) correctly is the difference between being able to read the license plate or not. These settings are dependent on your […]
April 12, 2018
Hard Drive on Elite

Guide for Formatting a Hard Drive on Elite Recorders via Local Interface

This article will provide you an easy to follow guide to help you format your hard drive on Elite Recorders. I will show you how to format the hard drive from the local interface. If you are looking to purchase a new Elite Series product (NVRs, DVRs, and security cameras) then check out the Elite […]
April 10, 2018
Elite Recorders

How to Configure AB-EL16 Alarm Box for Elite Recorders

The AB-EL 16 is an alarm box for Elite DVRs. Elite Series recorders do not have all the alarm inputs and outputs necessary for some of the more advanced features. An Alarm Box allows you to easily add as many as 16 inputs and 6 outputs to your DVR or NVR. This makes it possible […]
April 6, 2018
IP PTZ Cameras

IP PTZ Cameras

Long range night vision IP PTZ cameras can catch details hundreds of feet away in almost complete darkness. This type of advanced night vision technology is cutting edge and now more affordable than ever. That does not, however, mean that all IP PTZ cameras are alike. Feeling confident that you choose the best security camera […]
April 6, 2018
PTZ IR IP Cameras

PTZ IR IP Cameras

PTZ IR IP cameras come in a number of different options. Traditional PTZ IP security cameras with infrared can see in darkness for a distance of about 100 feet. There are many economical options to choose from that are suitable for anyone’s budget. And there are more innovative, modern PTZ IR IP cameras that offer […]