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We offer you top-quality access control panels & boards to help you secure access and entry for your location. Find fingerprint scanners, electronic locks, and door sensors that all integrate with a computer management system. Let’s look at some of the common models.

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Multiple-Door Webserver Controller: Secure Entry for Multiple Doors

For multi-door facilities that need secure access, typical setups include a surface mounted, multi-door access controller that lets you produce a complete access control system. Using these controllers, you can usually merge multiple card/fingerprint readers, multiple electronic locks, exit buttons, door sensors to develop a full access control system for your area, all of which are typical components of such facilities.

Multi-Door Access Control Power Supply Package

Running a secure multi-door facility means integrating a multi-door access controller with a four-channel, high quality, power supply. You need a device with surge suppression that can interface with fire alarms. Such controllers can manage four electronic locks, multiple exit buttons, multiple door sensors, and a number of different alarm functions.

Alarm & Fire Control Board for AC Boards

Your facility needs an alarm output and integrated fire control expansion controller that lets you control break in alarms, and long time unlocking alarms using signals on cameras. You can set it up to trigger intimidation break in alarms, unlocking linkage output, invalid card swiping, and the integrated fire control alarm.

Access Control Packages: The Opportunity to Integrate Your Alarms and Sirens

Secure controlling packages are an economical option for controlling door access. This access control system works with multiple proximity card readers, an exit button and electronic door locks. It also connects to output devices including alarms and sirens.

Multi-Door Control Board: PoE Multi-Door Control Board

A common access control board for multiple doors is a member of our new generation of PoE (Power over Ethernet) boards. There are multiple inputs and multiple outputs available. Typically, the inputs would be for door sensors and exit buttons while the outputs would be used for door locks. These may be electromagnetic door locks or electronic door strikes.