Series Single Door TCP/IP Web Server Controller

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The ACP-DXEL1 is an Access Control Board for 1 Door. This 1 Door Access Control Board can handle up to 2 readers (one on the entrance side of the door and another on the exiting side of the same door.) You can also hook up one Exit Button and a door locking mechanism such as an Electronic Door Strike or Electromagnetic Lock as well as other devices such as an alarm, siren etc.

This is a very easy access control panel to work with. All you need to do is connect a Cat5 Ethernet cable from the RJ45 Port on the Control Board to your network and any PC on your network can access the board and all its functions using our Free DX Access Control Software.

The great thing about our DX Series of access control boards is that they can be expanded into multiple doors. Say for example you purchase this single door access control board and down the road you want to have access control on another door. All you need to do is by another 1 door access control board, connect that one to your network and the DX software will be able to see both doors. Same thing works if down the road you want to add 4 doors. Just purchase a 4-door access control board, connect that to your network and now the DX software will recognize and configure all 5 doors together.

Included with this Single Door Access Control Panel is the Software CD which allows for complete control over your readers, lock, exit button, alarms and more.

You will need to power this access control board with a 12v DC power supply. If you wish to already have a power supply wired to this board inside of an access control power supply box then check out our 1 Door DX Series Access Control Package.

Full Line of Access Control Access Control Proximity Card Readers and Electronic Door Locks and more!


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