CCTV Calculators

This is the page where I hope our skillfully crafted custom calculators can help you resolve your issues, answer your questions and help you strategically map out your projects.

CCTV Hard Drive Calculator

Ever wonder how much footage your DVR / NVR hard drive retains? Looking for a specific desired amount of reviewable history or delegating what types of DVR / NVR settings depict hard drive usage. Then click here for the innovative answers to differential recording methods.

CCTV Lens Calculator

Have an idea of scope and a perception of what you want to capture? Not sure what cameras to choose that possess the ability to cover the area of interest you have in mind. Or perhaps you are just fine tuning and full proofing a current CCTV system and finding a solution to cover crucial sections. Let our fine-tuned CCTV Lens Calculator provide the angles, distances and field of views.

Voltage Drop Calculator

Bzzztttt POP! Dont let this occurrence befallen you and your equipment. Learn how to provide ample power to your equipment and take out the second guessing of what’s wrong. Let our effective Voltage Drop Calculator aide you in the process of loads and there distances.