Access Control Cards and Fobs

We offer access control cards, fobs and stickers that can secure a location while offering a convenient way for your team members to gain entry when necessary. Typically, these cards either swipe or tap to allow entry into a secure facility.

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A common security setup involves proximity cards, and readers designed to grant access when the card is read. These are often the size of a credit card in order to fit easily into wallets.

Because team members often keep their cards for years, while others will need temporary, easily replaced cards. Other options include smaller stickers with a similar access function. These stickers are often about the size of quarter and can be attached to cards, keys, lanyards, or any convenient item in order to secure entry.

The cards and stickers can be integrated with our access control products. Large companies that need to offer access to enormous teams can find packages of these cards or stickers ranging from 100 to 500 as necessary.

Another convenient solution for access control is key fobs. These work with our most popular access control readers. These work the exact same way as the proximity cards, and fit perfectly onto key chains. The chip is stored in a durable, rubber casing with a loop for attachment to a keychain. These fobs are available in blue or black, and they are available by the hundreds if you need to grant access to an enormous team, or multiple companies working in a single building. Facilities that offer membership programs often like to use these card, sticker or fob systems too.