CCTV Video Storage

We offer your business or property CCTV video storage to help identify suspects if need be, or review important events captured by your cameras. It is standard practice to retain footage for 31 days at a time, which can require a large amount of storage. Find micro-chips, DVD drives, SD cards, hard disk drives that can help you store as much video and data as you need for your security system and standards.

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Simple card adapters for storage of multiple medias including video

For simple video storage, many facilities will use Micro SD cards with adapters that has been tested and approved to function with our IP cameras that support SD cards. This is able to read at speeds up to 100MB/s. When it comes to surveillance, cameras and storage are at risk for attempted destruction. You need cards that are:

  • Waterproof
  • Temperature proof
  • Shock Proof
  • X-ray proof

SD Cards that Work with Typical Surveillance Cameras

This Micro SD card has been tested and approved to operate with our security cameras that support SD cards.

Micro SD Card with SD Card Adapter

Surveillance situations need a Micro SD card and adapter that has been approved to function with our security cameras that support SD cards with an adapter. Depending on your storage needs, these cards can hold video, audio, or still photos, which is great for motion-activated capture cameras.


In some cases, either you or law enforcement will want to review footage in DVD form. For such cases, you need an internal CD/DVD burner that operates with your cards and cameras in an integrated and efficient system.

SATA Hard Disk Drive

This hard drive is made specifically for surveillance DVRs and NVRs. It’s better than a standard desk top hard drive because it can handle the “always on” use style and high temperatures such devices tend to encounter.