14TB SATA Hard Disk Drive


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This HDD-P14000 surveillance hard drive features AllFrame AI technology to enhance ATA streaming to help reduce frame loss and optimize overall video playback.

They can easily accommodate up to 64 single-stream HD cameras(2) as well as smart cameras that transmit multiple streams, and offer single stream per camera @3.2Mbps; results may differ depending on camera resolution, file format, etc.

With an estimated workload rating of up to 550TB/year(3), these hard drives are constructed to withstand heavy video data capture and analysis workloads. Workload Rate refers to the amount of user data transferred between hard drive users and hard drives.

These 14TB hard drives designed to last up to 2.5 million hours for advanced smart video solutions operating 24/7 environments are designed with durability in mind.

If you need to know how much hard drive memory you actually require, check out our online Hard Drive Calculator.

This HDD comes with a 1 Year warranty from Securitycameraking.com & an additional 2 year warranty through the Factory only .For further warranty information, click here.

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