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This is a 1TB (Terabyte) Hard Drive specifically manufactured for Surveillance DVRs and NVRs. It is far superior than a typical desktop hard drive in that it can withstand the always-on, high-temperature environment that exists inside a Security Recorder. It will hold 1,000GB of data and the integrity of the drive will prevent any frame loss. You can be confident that for your 24/7 security recording needs, this hard drive will do the job. If you need to calculate how much hard drive memory you need for your specific system we have an online Hard Drive Calculator.

This 1TB HDD has a data transfer rate of 6 GB/s and is compatible with all of our NVRs and DVRs. Full Specs are in the specifications tab.

This HDD comes with a 1 Year warranty from Securitycameraking.com & an additional 2 year warranty through the Factory only .For further warranty information, click here.

Reviews (7)

7 reviews for 1TB SATA Hard Disk Drive

  1. Danny and Joyce C.

    We purchased this to upgrade our DVR we bought from you a couple of years ago. Our storage capacity is at least 4 to 5 times greater, and we haven’t run out of space yet!

  2. H.A.

    I purchased this and added to my Elite HD system. It works fine and it was easy to install and best of all I now have plenty of storage space.

  3. C. G.

    This 1 TB SATA drive really extends our storage capacity. It was a snap to add on to our DVR. It makes our recording turn-around-time sooo much longer and more convenient.

  4. Hal Kipling

    This is an INTERNAL hard disk drive. It works great. It’s dependable, has a relatively fast data transfer rate, and fits all of Security Camera King’s DVRs. If you decide to add it on after your original DVR purchase it is rather easy to install too.

  5. Bill Marzka

    This is a good hard drive and adds a lot of storage capacity for me. If you are a do it your selfer like me, remember that if you see hard drives of the same capacity that our cheaper, make sure you check their speed because these drives have to be fast.

  6. Al Donat

    A hard drive in this DVR is almost a must to enjoy the full potential of the system. If you can operate a screw driver you can install the hard drive. I would recommend getting the hard drive from Security Camera King as it is good to go right out of the package and you can be assured it will be compatible with their DVRs. Trying to determine what size hard drive to install is a bit over whelming working the formulas but if it will help, I am operating 6 cameras on motion record at a commercial property, recording for a week now and it is not even close to full. The support staff at Security Camera King is why I chose this system and they have fixed my problems and suggested other features and then set up those features on the same call.

  7. Harry Bridges

    I don’t know how it could have been any easier, I went to DVR site, took it out of lock box and had it replaced and on my way in less than an hour. Harry Bridges

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