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Custom Built Complete Security Camera System

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Reviews (45)

45 reviews for Custom Built Complete Security Camera System

  1. Tim Leonard, Operations Manager

    We recently purchased a great deal of equipment from Security Camera King for our new facility. I just wanted to take a moment to say how appreciative we are of their sales and technical support staffs. In addition, this Custom built Security Camera System idea is great. I believe it is one of the features about your web site that separates you from the rest and really makes you standout. While a pre-organized or compiled security video camera system is certainly a less expensive and much more convenient way to purchase an entire system, we found that we had a few components (different cameras for example) that were required that didn’t come in the “pre-packaged” systems. This idea is very innovative and practical, to allow your customers to “custom design” their own video security system and still pay the lower package system rates. We have since installed our system and I must say I am fully satisfied with the results. We look forward to doing business with Security Camera King in the future.

  2. W. Kingman

    I really like the custom built security camera system I recently purchased from Security Camera King. Being able to build a custom package, I could tailor make my security system to meet my every need and I did have a couple of special circumstances. The custom built system fit these to a “T” and at an extremely competitive price.As for the equipment itself, the over all quality is exceptional. My DVR has lightening fast processing and ultra clear video. I like and use many of the features that come with the DVR, including and especially, the ability to operate my system from my Iphone. I now have the power to monitor my system virtually anywhere in the world.The cameras, including the special use cameras I am using our exceptional as well. They were easy to install, setup, and operate. Also, I spoke with our support staff and they were cordial, knowledgeable and helpful. Let me know if SCK ever needs a referral as I would be glad to recommend your custom built security camera system.

  3. Sadie G.

    This is great way to get your security camera system “your way.” Thanks Security Camera King for thinking of this idea. It allowed me to develop a system specifically made for my needs and yet purchase it as at a “pre-packaged system” price. Everything works great. I had it installed and it took very little time too.

  4. Becky White

    Dear Security Camera King:I’m writing to tell you that we received our custom designed camera security system in just two days after ordering it and it is great! THe options we chose are just exactly what we need to secure our business. We checked out many security camera sites on the web and although some did offer changes to their “packages” they also included high prices for the equipment changes. Your custom option allowed us to build the system we need and still obtain the package at a competitive price. Our system is already up and running and it works extremely well, especially the Pan Tilt Zoom camera.

  5. T. C. Independent CCTV Installer

    I’ve been installing alarm systems and especially security camera systems for many years. You’re the first vendor that I have seen that really offers a custom build package and still maintains a package price. I recently installed one of these systems for one my customers (she had already ordered it from you and it was waiting at her house when I arrived). Since it wasn’t the brand that I normally carry I thought that this would be a real interesting install, expecting several problems. When I began installing the system, I realized just how easy it was. Set up was particularly easy using the on screen display menu options. I had the system installed, set up, and operational in just a few hours. The only thing the customer did wrong was order the pre-cut 100 foot cables when she really needed the bulk cable but I took care of that for her. I was so impressed with this system I asked her to show me where she purchased. She gave me your website, which I checked out thoroughly and now I believe I will inquire about dealer opportunities. The package deals you offer are pretty outstanding and the custom feature allows the customer to take that just one step further!

  6. Jed Erickson, CCTV Installer

    I’ve purchased cheaper “package” and even supposed “custom designed” security camera packages from other vendors but none of them compared to yours. Security Camera King offers high quality equipment with fair prices, actually at “package” prices, in your Custom built camera system. If you have any special needs or the typical 4, 8, 16, or 32 camera system doesn’t quite do the job for you because you need a specific component that that system doesn’t have, this is the best way to get it. I like your products so much I will be contacting you soon about becoming a dealer. Thanks!

  7. Andy Newell

    First the idea of a custom built system with all the cameras, DVRS, and other components right there at your fingertips and automatically totaled into the system price is brilliant. Once I had a completed needs assessment for what I needed out of my system (number of cameras, how much recording space, camera type, kind of cable, microphones, etc.), all I had to do was sit down at the same desk I’m writing this review and order and purchase my system. It only took a few days for it to arrive by the way. Too bad there’s not a little guy that comes in the shipping box that installs it for you..ha.ha…how’s that for the epitome of laziness! Seriously, the custom system is really the way to go if you have special needs or unusual circumstances that encompass your security camera requirements and a big “Way To Go!” to Security Camera King for thinking up the way to do that quickly, easily, and economically for the customer.

  8. Edgar Bellomy, IT Chief

    I was asked to obtain quotes on various security camera systems and alarm equipment for one of our locations. I searched through many websites, home improvement stores, and electronic stores. As I perused your site, I liked what I saw and looked over just about every system and read many of the reviews. Still, although your package systems seemed great, they didn’t contain the exact components we needed. Your Custom Built Security Camera System was exactly what the doctor ordered for us. We purchased it, I installed it, and everyone is very satisfied with the efficiency and performance of our system. It would seem to me that Security Camera King really has things in “order.” Maybe you should consider changing the name of this package to CustomER Built Security Camera System!

  9. Ed Daniels

    The benefits of a custom built security camera system far outweigh the few negatives and I think it is the best way to go when ordering your security camera system. Not only that, but there are benefits to ordering a custom built security camera system that, unless you are a professional installer or work with your system often, you may not even realize. For example, the package systems that Security Camera King offers are mostly great and are competitively priced (not to mention that they have excellent support staff that are willing to help you BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER your purchase). However, depending on your specific situation, even though in most cases a package system will do the job, a custom built system can be made to “tailor fit” your own very specific needs. I think one of the hidden benefits of a custom built security camera system is it forces the buyer to pre-plan their system and think more about it before they purchase it. Many security camera system owners just give brief thought to what they want then figure that a 4, 8, or whatever camera package will work for them or they’ll make it work for them. With a custom built security camera system, you can choose specific makes and models of equipment to meet your exact needs but this will require careful planning on your behalf before you make the purchase. Do you really want a 3.3 mm wide angle lens for viewing people’s faces at your door” Could you better utilize a PTZ camera than three stationary ones? Do you need a camera that can work in infrared mode or is your situation more suited for a true day/night camera? Do you need a DVR with a DVD? How big of a display do you need for each channel on your DVR? All of these questions and many more help you to determine exactly what your needs assessment will be. Once you think about it, then you can turn to Security Camera King’s custom built security camera system page and order the system that is made just specifically for you. And by the way, don’t think that Security Camera King’s support staff is there for you only after you make your purchase. I used them extensively to help me plan and design my custom built system and they were excellent!

  10. Jerome Short

    Thanks for providing the Security Camera King custom built security camera system! This is a great way to order your security camera surveillance system exactly the way you want it and still get a decent price! I was talking to my neighbor the other day about his security camera system and he told me how much he liked it and that he had purchased it from you. He has an 8 camera system. I told him I was considering installing one myself but that I had different needs for some cameras and that I didn’t think I needed the full eight cameras that are often part of package system sets. I figure why pay for something I don’t need (for example, I only need 5 cameras made 6 max but not the full 8). Besides, if I do add additional cameras down the road, I may decide that these will need to be different than the ones that come in a standard package system. He told me about your web site and although he has an 8 camera system with the 8 channel Elite DVR, he said that you had this custom built option. When I discovered this I was like a kid in the candy store. I was able to order different cameras for each specific purpose, as well as the hard drive storage, cables, etc. I love my system, it fits us perfectly! I recommend this custom built ordering system to anyone that needs to deviate from a standard package deal. It’s like ordering pants in half sizes; you don’t have to “live” with something that you don’t want.

  11. Peters, Ryan

    So far the install of our new camera system is going great. We are making our own mounting brackets in house because of the uniqueness of the camera locations, but other than the brackets, everything we needed was included in our purchase. Everything was packaged very well, and nothing seemed visibly damaged when I took all the components out. I will log on and update this review once we get everything installed and turned on. The only thing I would have done different is bump one of my cameras (for the location it’s in) up to a higher MP camera. Not sure if 1.3mp is going to cut it, but we’ll see. The sales staff was very helpful and prompt at answering any questions I had on the system.

  12. Dillon Raite

    There’s not much of a review that can be written on a custom built security camera system because each of the components will be different for every customer. I could write about each of those components here, but instead, I like writing reviews and I will take the time to address them under each items individual listing. However, there is something to be said about the idea of a custom built security camera system. I think this is a great idea and from what I have seen at least for on-line vendors, Security Camera King is one of the few vendors that even offer this type of ordering system. That’s great because often, to really obtain the absolute best security coverage for your application, a strict 4, 8, 16, or 32 camera system with all the same cameras and other components just won’t cut it. For example very few cameras and none of the standard package systems come with microphones for audio recording which could be a major component of your system. Here you can pick them up quickly and easily at a “package” price. After being a Security Camera King customer for several years now I would suggest that if you are new to the world of security camera systems you check out all the deals they have to offer first to familiarize yourself with what is available. Then be certain of your own needs assessment (what kind of cameras, how many, what kind of DVR, etc) and if known of their package deals fit your needs come back here and create your own!

  13. Jake Anderson

    Whether the purchase of a security camera surveillance system is being made for residential or commercial use, I wouldn’t be surprised if more of Security Camera King’s orders are the “Custom Built Security Camera System” than anything else. This is more of a marketing or Internet innovation than a security equipment issue and it’s a great idea. I’m sure that many people just like me that have taken a long time to decide how to set up their camera systems would prefer to have something a little different than what is offered in a structured package deal. For example, many customers need 6 cameras. Instead of purchasing an 8 channel system with two cameras that won’t really be needed, you can save on price by purchasing an 8 channel DVR and the six cameras you actually need. Another example is the actual camera type. When I purchased my 8 channel Ultimate DVR series system, I needed 6 vandal dome cameras with infrared capability. The ones that came with the system were fine, however I only needed 6 domes. I wanted two other cameras that were bullet cameras. This custom built ordering page gave me the flexibility to order my system as I wanted it. In fact, I actually changed my mind altogether. I nixed the 8 channel system and ended up with a hybrid DVR so I could start taking advantage of the megapixel cameras on the market. Also, Security Camera King’s sales and support departments were absolutely fantastic during my whole experience. The helped decide what system was best (and they didn’t try to push the most expensive items on me) and when it came time to set things up they told just exactly what I needed to do. Custom Built Security Camera System with a Custom Built Customer Service; what a great idea!

  14. Curtis Roberts

    The idea of Security Camera King’s Custom Built Security Camera System is really quite a unique and innovative idea. I was originally in the process of purchasing a Security Camera King security camera system package when I decided to upgrade it. The link brought me to this page, and, after sitting here for a minute and looking at the custom built opportunity, I decided to start over and completely tailor my security camera system to my exact needs. It turns out it was a perfect fit. Could you imagine the same principle applied to other electronic products? It’s kind of like going back to the 70’s and 80’s when it was popular to have stereo component systems. You got the benefit of the individual components but they all worked together to provide you with a very productive system! By the way, did I ever make a change. I went from a 16 channel NVR to a 16 channel hybrid DVR and saved myself hundreds of dollars on the cameras alone (instead of purchasing 16 megapixel cameras I purchased 12 TVL cameras that were less expensive and four IP megapixel cameras of the exact model that I wanted. Right now my system is still pretty new, but I will return at a later date and give a progress report. So far I’m very satisfied and everything works great!

  15. Wilson, Tom

    Once again, the products ordered and support are excellent! My customers are very excited to have this new custom system installed up and running. The ease of use for them has been a big factor in their opinion and will continue for years to come. The warranty was another big factor in their decision to go with our product over the competitors and of course the value was there as well! So job well done by your sales and Tech suport staff! I will look forard to purchasing additional equipment Soon!Tom W.President

  16. Chase, Rick

    Better give your guys a raise.

  17. Chase, Rick

    Top of the heap

  18. Chase, Rick

    Best support and best prices in the industry

  19. Evans, Robert

    Everything shipped fast, and the quality of the equipment was top notch.

  20. Luke Fouller

    This is the way to go for a lot of Security Camera King customers who want to purchase a complete security camera system, but just can’t seem to find any of the pre-packaged systems that will fit their needs. We needed an 8 camera analog system. However, to meet our security camera applications needs effectively, we could not use all 3.6 mm fixed lens dome cameras for example. In fact, one of our cameras was a PTZ camera and one was a 150 foot infrared range varifocal bullet camera. The options of the custom built security camera system page allowed us to choose the 8 channel DVR that we needed (it was the 8 channel full size Ultimate series DVR), the 4 Terabyte internal hard drive storage that we wanted, the DVD burner, and all of the cameras, cables, and power supplies that we needed all in one simple location. Security Camera King has even made the drop down menu system with built in factors that will prevent you from ordering the wrong combination of items. For example, if you choose to purchase the 8 Channel Mini Economy DVR the custom built page’s drop down automatically eliminates the choice of a DVD burner from the option selections list but the mini isn’t large enough to hold one. As far as the quality of the cameras, DVR, and other equipment are concerned, they are top notch! We’ve had no disappointments or discouragements related to our system whatsoever. Ans what’s more, is Security Camera King’s sales and support staffs are excellent! They will help you from the very initial stages of design with your system all the way through installation, set up, and operation. I just don’t think you can find anything much better than this!

  21. Chase, Rick

    These guys are GODs, the Batman and Superman of security camera systems. I have made millions of dollars on products from these guys. Hope they stay in business for at least the rest of my life.

  22. Goodall, Benny (Indiana USA)

    You can’t really comment on how well or poorly a Security Camera King custom built security camera system is because just about every custom built system is going to be different. However, you can say something about the idea of a custom built system and that’s what I intend to do in this review. I would venture to wager that a good majority of Security Camera King’s orders, or at least their orders from professional installers and contractors, are custom built security camera systems. All too often at least one or two cameras will require a specific feature that won’t be found in a standard, basic system. Or, perhaps a customer decides that although they only need 8 cameras, they want their DVR to have a 16 channel capacity to allow them room for future expansion. The possibilities are endless and so are the combinations. That’s why this is such a great idea presented by Security Camera King. Many other security camera companies don’t over this advantage. Instead, you have to “take what they give you” in a package or purchase everything separately and individual retail prices. As an independent CCTV installer I have been dealing with Security Camera King for about 4 years now and I can honestly say I never have to worry about the quality of an item or piece of equipment that I purchase from them. Furthermore, my customers have never been dissatisfied either, so to have the opportunity to custom order to suit a particular client’s needs is just super. While I’m at it I also say this for Security Camera King, their support department is a great bunch of guys. They are truly willing to help you solve your problem and they are so knowledgeable about the products that it doesn’t take them long to help you figure out a solution if you get in a bind. Keep up the good work, Security Camera King!

  23. Andretti, Gerri CCTV Installer

    Kudos to Security Camera King for devising this method for ordering/purchasing a security camera system. Many systems, especially larger ones are not totally adequate when based on a “one camera does all” type set up. Often times, entire systems require special cameras like PTZ’s, Bullet’s, or Box cameras with varifocal lenses in addition to a basic 3.6mm fixed overview or wide angle camera. Many of my installs have included unusual cable runs where many of the cameras are located close to the DVR and just a few are located at distances longer than 100 or 150 feet away so different cable requirements are needed. In addition to the concept of a custom built security camera system that can be tailor designed to meet your specific needs, I should also use this spot to mention how great the Security Camera King sales and support staff both are. If you are intending to install a system on your own or if you are a veteran CCTV technician, they always seem to have time to help you. That includes help from the point of assisting you to determine exactly what kind or type of equipment your need, to installing it and setting it up. If you get caught in a bind during the installation or set up process, there is always someone from Security Camera King’s support department available during the weekdays that is willing to help you out as if they were doing the job themselves. I’ve been using them for about 3 years now and I have no intention of stopping. I recommend Security Camera King products and their service on a daily basis to my customers.

  24. Umang Patel

    Love the Company wonderful quality of cameras love everything. wonderful customer support, tech support, and I would definitely recommend to my friends and family

  25. Lorenson, Rex (Indiana USA)

    Let’s where do I start? First I’ll begin with Security Camera King. Great company and a great staff to work with whether it is sales or support. As an independent professional CCTV installer I have been dealing with them for a few years now and I have never, ever been disappointed (nor have my customers). These people are some of the best in the industry. As for the products, I have purchased many custom built security camera systems; in fact about 80% of the systems I purchase from Security Camera King are custom built so I can accommodate my customers to the fullest extent. The idea of being able to custom design your system with various pieces of equipment is brilliant. Component system electronics is not a new concept, but there are very few businesses in the industry that will allow you the freedom to design your system and do their best to offer it at a “package” price like Security Camera King. Whether it is a simple 4 channel analog system or a more complex multi-channel network system the products have been of high quality, reliable, and competitively priced. I have no intention of dealing with anyone else unless there is a product my customer needs that Security Camera King doesn’t carry and I haven’t come across that situation yet.

  26. becky downin

    We’ve been contemplating on buying a DVR security system for about a year for our rental in Tennessee.Our friend has purchased three systems from TechPro here in Boca. So I (Steve) checked out TechPro’s web site and got a tour of one of my friend’s installations. I was pretty impressed especially the web interface.He also showed me live views on his smartphone. Pretty cool!For our rental we are somewhat limited to where cameras can be placed.No cameras inside nor exterior private areas.We ordered the mini 8-channel DVR with 5 cameras.Received package just two days after placing the order.Everything ordered was there.I (Steve) connected everything up to test before taking to Tennessee. All works well.The camera’s night IR capability is awesome. I have one camera outside on the patio.You can see bugs flying around. Loaded Android application on smartphone.Cool thing to show others.Leaving this week to install. Plan to purchase another system for my home.We give Security Camera King and their TechPro DVR an A+ rating.Becky and SteveBoca Raton, FL

  27. Chuck Kohler, DIYer

    I hate to sound too corny, but I think this is really a novel idea by Security Camera King. As a do it your selfer, when I first saw this I figured that this was geared more toward the professional installer or company that would require specific cameras for different installations (probably because most of the “package systems” that I looked at in local retail stores were basically fixed components (no variance) with all the same cameras). The more I thought about the custom built option, the more I considered it. I realized that by using different cameras and other components I could tailor design my own system that would best serve the security surveillance needs for my home.I eventually decided to go with the custom built option. I ordered it on line without any consultation with Security Camera King. I figured since it was a custom designed system and was a “standard” packaged system it would probably take longer to ship so I wouldn’t receive it for a couple of weeks. I was shocked when it arrived 2 days later. The system was packed well, all components and additional items I ordered were there and everything was in perfect condition. I was like a kid with a new toy. I had everything I needed and was ready to go. I installed my system and had no problems with mounting the cameras and other procedures. I did need a little help with setting things up as some of the camera manuals weren’t extremely helpful so I decided to contact Security Camera Kings technical support department. I guess it was time for another surprise. I figured I would get someone in another country that barely spoke English and that would not readily have the answers I needed to my specific issues. Wrong again. Their technical support people were great. They really acted like they wanted to help, they knew all about their products, and they helped me through everything with ease. Not once did I feel like they were reading from a manual but rather were telling me what to do out of experience.Security Camera King gets a AAA rating from be, both for its products quality and price, speed in processing and shipping my order, and especially with follow-up technical support.

  28. Brent Walker

    Best System I have ever had. I’m only a week in with it, but out of the other three systems I have worked with Camera Kings is the best ever. The difference is day and night. Well worth the Money.

  29. Craig, Carl (Nevada USA)

    As independent contractor with my own video security and alarm installation service I have had many years of experience in this industry. I’ve been working with Security Camera King for at least 4 or 5 years now and they have yet to disappoint me. That particularly applies to their “Custom Built Security Camera System” or as I like to call it the “CustomER Built Security Camera System.” Often times I will make recommendations to my customers as to what may be necessary to satisfy their security surveillance needs and I will direct them to the Security Camera King Custom Built Security Camera System to allow them to design their own package system. Along with my guidance and Security Camera King’s sales staff if necessary, I can rest assured that they will select the appropriate equipment yet it will be tailored to fit their specific needs. The best part of this is that the customer actually takes an active part in designing the system and has a strong feeling of participation in the installation of their system.Under the Security Camera King Customer Built Security System Package you will be able to choose from several different types and channel numbers of DVRs, NVRs, and even hybrid DVR/NVR models. They offer a good range of internal hard disk drive storage options including RAID redundancy for clients that have a particular need for protecting their video data. The cameras are numerous and versatile and of the best quality I have found among just about any security camera dealer. Another super benefit of using Security Camera King is their customer service. Their technical support staff is great. They are apparently experienced in installation of the equipment and they seem to know the equipment very well so they can give you assistance without referencing a standard replay from a technical manual. I’ll continue to use Security Camera King and I would recommend them to anyone for their security video camera needs.

  30. Ted Knight, Lock & Key Security

    This review is long over due. I apologize to Security Camera King for that and I also apologize to the reader if you think this is too long but I am a wordy person. First, I’ve been working with Security Camera King and their Tech Pro equipment for about 5 years now, that’s why this review is overdue, I should have written one at the least 3 or 4 years ago.I have never, I repeat NEVER had any problems with any of Security Camera King’s equipment. One time I did receive a DVR where the corner of the shipping box had been “crunched” in and I though for sure there would be damage to the unit but upon close inspection and testing, everything was fine.Another thing that needs to be mentioned that is not directly related to the Custom Built Security Camera System is Security Camera King’s Technical Support department. I can’t say enough good things about them. Whether you are a professional corporate CCTV installer or a do it yourselfer, their support team is committed to helping you work through any problems and they do an excellent job of it. I swear, I feel like if these guys could, they’d fly to your location each time they took a call to make sure you got the help you need.As for the Security Camera King’s Custom Built Security Camera System, the concept is really pretty novel and it works well for me. Many vendors will offer you 4 or 5 or maybe even more packages of THEIR choice at their “package system” prices. Of course, Security Camera King has those too, especially with the more common types of equipment, but with this web page set-up, almost every time I have an order to fill I can come here and design it exactly the way I need and still reap the benefits of a package discount.Another thing that is nice about the way they have the Options section set up is that if you are a do it your selfer and you want to use a custom package all you have to do is work through the Options selection from top to bottom and Security Camera King will have made sure that you have everything you need to complete your system. Follow there prompts and there will be no “oh man, I need to place another order because I forgot the….”Once again, Security Camera King and their Tech Pro equipment is top of the line quality in both design and performance. I really don’t think it can be beat. I would gladly recommend them and this Custom Built Security Camera System anytime.Regards,Ted Knight, CEO, Lock & Key Security Systems

  31. Cal Stevenson

    My widowed mother-in-law has a chain link fence around her property. She has a German Shepard and an alarm system with a medical alert option and it is monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I just finished installing Security Camera King’s Custom Built Security Camera System for her house and property. This place is almost better than Fort Knox!I installed an eight camera system for her, but none of the packages systems that Security Camera King has available would work, mainly because she needed a few different cameras to do the job properly. The “Custom Built Security Camera System” solved this problem, saved her some money, and works great. This custom built system is a great idea and quite frankly, I haven’t noticed such a system on any other dealers’ sites. I called Security Camera King to double check on a few things before placing my order and they were extremely cordial and very helpful. The order arrived in about 3 days, and I must say, the quality of the components is far better than what I expected. Now with the remote Internet access, my wife and I can also keep an “eye on” her and the house as well. I can’t go anything less than five stars.

  32. F. Drake

    This “build a custom package” idea is great. I have a fairly large home on 5 acres of land and I wanted to install a video security system but I knew right away that several camera locations would be best utilized if the cameras were different–custom designed compared to a “all cameras are the same” package and this custom built security camera system allowed me to do just that. I bumped up the resolution on all my cameras to 700TVl since I was using an Ultimate type DVR and I used about 4 different types of cameras including the 700TVL 27X PTZ camera. I installed the system myself which wasn’t difficult to do and saved a boat-load of money. The system is up and running fine! If I were to do it all over again I would change only one thing. It would have been well worth it to purchase one of the lower priced wrist strap monitors so I didn’t have to keep running back and forth from cameras to the DVR when I was setting up the system and configuring the cameras. I’ll definitely recommend Security Camera King to my friends and family.

  33. Stephen Johnston

    This system work very well, Comparing to other systems this one rocks!

  34. Tim Kraal

    I received my custom built security system yesterday. After inspection, I found one camera with a cracked lense. I called Techpro and they were very helpful in issuing a RMA number to return the item. The thing I found very disheartening to learn is that they will not send out a replacement unit until they receive the defective camera and try to fix it. If they can not fix the unit, they will send out a replacement. So instead of sending out a replacement and charging me if I don’t return the defective unit, I now have to wait 2-3 weeks to get a complete operating system. I will be testing out the functionality of the remaining cameras today or tomm and hopefully not find any defective cameras otherwise it might be another month before I get a complete operating system with their return policy.

  35. Harvey Fisk, Operations Manager

    First of all, I think Security Camera King is one of the few suppliers to offer a “mix and match” custom built (designed) system with a price that still envies that of a package system of equal caliber. Whether it is an analog type transmitted digital camera (TVL based system) or a digitally transmitted based camera (megapixel) system, you can build what you need here. That’s great because seldom have I truly encountered a customer that can use 8 cameras of the same type and model that can serve all their needs. I mean it’s possible to make that happen, but now you don’t have to with a custom built system opportunity like this. I have purchased several of these systems and have very few problems over the past 5 years. One time I had a damaged camera shipped to me but I expressed shipped it back to Security Camera King and they returned it (or a new one, I’m not sure which) right away. I can understand this policy with a web based market for if they didn’t do this they could be sending out a lot of free cameras. Nonetheless I have found their equipment to be of the best quality and the best performance. One other thing should be mentioned here at that is the quality of service that you get from Security Camera King’s technical support team. This is a highly knowledgeable and very helpful group of guys that are more than willing to help you get the job done. With their help, anyone can install a video security system, you don’t have to be a professional installer.

  36. Larry Houser

    This is the second system I have purchased from Security Camera King. Using the “Custom System” tool is probably the best way to go because you get a small price reduction on the base parts (dvr, cameras, etc.)to start the system setup. I do like the the Companies products, The support is exceptional and the information and videos on the website are very helpful. A note about the videos – many of the videos are of dvrs which have a different versions software. This can be somewhat troubling if it is the first time setting up your dvr. But, usually, if you ignore the differences in the software, the setup is basically the same for all. My most difficult part of the remote viewing was understanding the difference between the IP addresses for the router, dvr, and computer. Setting the dvr to DCHP one time, then returning to reset it to disable DCHP (after startup) locked in the dvr IP and really helped me. Most important – responses whenever I have needed assistance have been very quick. I am very pleased with both the products and support. Thanks, Larry

  37. Jason Mollohon, Security First LLC

    After ordering several different video security systems from Security Camera King using this option I can say that if you have specific needs that one of their “package” systems cannot meet, then this is the best way to go. I could mention the details and features of the products that I have purchased through the Custom Built Security Camera System, but trust me, there have been so many different ones that it would take some pages. There are many things however that I would like to comment on, concerning this option.First, the products, whether it be a DVR, NVR, camera, or whatever that I have purchased from Security Camera King have always been top notch quality products. When you order from their site, you do not have to worry about whether the product will be a “cheap knockoff type” product or not, because none of them are. They are high quality, through and through. Second, the prices are fair. If you do a tremendous amount of searching, you may be able to find similar products to the ones that SCK offers but buyer beware! Look closely at the other product to make sure that it truly offers the same features and quality workmanship that you will get from SCK. Chances are, if the price is drastically different, it doesn’t. For example, I’ve seen some IP network cameras advertised on other websites, sometimes for almost half the price of what I pay here. But upon closer inspection you’ll find that camera has a sensor and chipset equivalent to a toddler’s play video camera for example or some other lesser quality characteristic.Finally, the service is unsurpassed from SCK. Not only does SCK have great customer service for sales but their support is phenomenal. This probably stems from the fact that Security Camera King doesn’t just sell video security equipment but is actually a long standing security company in the southern Florida region and knows what it is like to have poor technical support. Anytime I have called for help from their support section, I have always been treated with respect, and their support tech, no matter who it is, has the “let’s get this fixed” attitude and will not stop until the two of you together have solved your problem. This factor alone makes them stand out above the rest. So, if you’re considering using the Custom Built option to purchase your system or you are purchasing other Security Camera King products, I can assure you that you are getting a quality product at a fair price with excellent backup support.

  38. William Davies

    Delivery of my custom built 4-camera system was very quick. I was able to install it within one day and did the basic set up with no big issues. I had trouble getting the system to talk to my computer and get it on my iphone. A couple calls to the techpro desk and my problems were cleared up. This is clearly the best system I have found for the price and the tech support is absolutely great.

  39. Dana Farris, AAA Security

    This is a cool idea from Security Camera King and I hope they continue to do this for a long time. Many video security camera systems can get by with all cameras of the exact same type (like vandal domes with fixed lenses for example) but there are also many systems that often require 1 or 2 cameras from the rest be a little different. Whether it is a varifocal lens, and OSD, a PTZ or whatever, it’s nice to be able to still place a “package order” but with modifications and still receive a discount. Also, whether it is an analog or digital system, Security Camera King gives you a pretty good selection of different gear to choose from. While it may not be full-proof, I’ve also noticed that they have programmed into this page that if additional items are needed for a particular item you choose, they will usually prompt you to make sure you don’t forget it. Don’t think that only do it your self folks are the ones that needs this. I’ve been install CCTV systems for 15 years and when I need to order a system that has different equipment in it, it isn’t so difficult to forget a thing or two, so this definitely helps.Finally, whether it is a custom built system, a package system, or even just one piece of equipment, Security Camera King (Tech Pro) has a support department that can be matched by no other. These guys are dedicated to solving your issue(s) and they are patient and unassuming. All around I have found the equipment and the company a pleasure to work with.

  40. Dave Edwards, Atlanta Pacific

    My review has two parts. It’s kind of hard to do a specific review on a “system” that can be different for every customer, so let me start with the idea and the company first, then I’ll tell you what I purchased.We needed a comprehensive security system for our business that would be dependable, robust, and reasonably priced. However, we needed different individual items for that system but could find no vendor that was willing to offer a “package” deal on such a “mix and Match” until we came to Security Camera King. Their sales staff was extremely cordial and helpful and guided us in the proper direction. I honestly have never done business with Security Camera King but they were recommended by three different people that I know that work in the industry and they were right. In addition to their sales staff their support staff is a blessing. When you purchase something from these folks it’s almost like you have also been given a tutor/assistant that will look over you shoulder if you like to help you out. So, if you are not a CCTV professional and/or think you cannot design/install one of these systems on your own, think again because you can, and this company will see you through it. All to often small companies get rooted in business by offering superior customer service, but as the become larger and larger it seems as though the customer service starts to wane and eventually the company goes out of business. Not true here. Should I ever need anything from the security/video security line again, Security Camera is where I’ll go. Now, the equipment. We purchased a 16 Channel Ultimate DVR, several different types of cameras, including a 12x PTZ camera, some microphones , cables, and power supplies. There is no point in reviewing each individual item as they all were of excellent quality and worked exactly as they were supposed to. We are extremely satisfied with the results of this system and it works like a charm.Dave EdwardsAtlanta Pacific Lumber

  41. cha xiong

    I ordered a custom system that consisted of the NVR and 4 of the 2 megapixel bullet cameras. Upon arrival the products were nicely packaged. I found one of the ethernet cables had a crushed tab that keeps the cord locked in place. I didn’t bother returning it or requesting a new cord. Everything was tested and it all worked. The software and control of the NVR is nice but takes some getting used to if it is your first security camera system. I was able to set everything up just fine.7 months later after having the system installed and operational, I came home to a loud noise where my NVR was hidden. The noise was the tiny fan that is inside the system. For whatever reason it was no longer running silent. I tried contacting customer support via email but have heard nothing back after 2 weeks so far to this day and counting. I Jerry rigged a new fan to blow air onto the NVR because I know it will fry itself if that loud tiny fan decides to quit one day.Overall the product works fine but don’t expect the NVR to last long if your silent fan becomes loud and you don’t rig up a backup fan. I have not had a chance to call customer support but from their refusal to even answer my email I don’t think they care since they have my money and the return period for my order ran out.

  42. Richard Cosnig, C&G Security LLC.

    I haven’t stumbled across any other websites that offer this option to design your own system while still attempting to give you a package type discount. I think this is a great idea and as an installer, I have found this to be more than useful. I have been ordering products from Security Camera King for approximately 5 years now and have had very little problems. In fact, only one did I receive a piece of equipment that I ordered that arrived in a non-working condition. After contacting TechPro (Security Camera King) they issued me and RMA, I returned the defective piece and received the working replacement within just a couple of days.I have read through some of the reviews and I have never experienced any of the problems of which a few refer to. It’s hard to believe TechPro technical support would not respond because I must say they have one of the best, if not THE best technical support teams in the business. As far as the equipment is concerned, I figure 1 defective part in over five years of business is a pretty good ratio. I’ve found their prices to be comp0ettitve for comparable quality products and their staff whether it is sales or support to be very helpful. I hope they continue this option because there are so many instances when a customer can optimize their system by being able to customize it without it costing them an arm and a leg. If I should ever discontinue using Security Camera King/TechPro I’ll write a comment to this review, but I don’t think that will ever happen.Richard Cosnig, PresidentC & G Security, LLC.

  43. Nelson Rafael

    Fast and friendly. They even called me to tell me that it would be an extra day for shipment. Now who does that these days. Very profesional.

  44. Terry Suellentrop

    The s y stem we ordered was very good quality. It came quickly and we everything was complete. The install went smoothly and we were happy with the good picture from the cameras. The cable was easy to install and made it better due to having both video and power in the same cable run. Programming was easy and the included disk with programs and manual was well done.

  45. Jay Learner

    Between the great customer support and the quality products, I couldn’t go wrong with this one. I wasn’t sure what exactly I needed (yeah, I’m an amateur that was buying a system from my property) so I spoke with some folks at Security Camera King. I thought I would try it, even though I figured they would try to push off some million dollar system on me. NOT SO! They helped me find exactly what I needed and at a reasonable price (they didn’t try to sell me something I didn’t need).So I placed my “custom” order and installed the system myself. Works great! Security Camera King’s help didn’t end with the sale, their technical support folks helped me on several issues and followed through on each one. This is a class act, no doubt!

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