Elite 4 Door Access Control Package W/ UL Power Supply


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The ACP-EL4-PACK is a new and advanced security solution that offers a comprehensive package of features to enhance the security of your premises. This package includes an Elite Four-Door TCP-IP Webserver with a UL-certified power supply for your peace of mind.

The ACP-EL4-PACK is designed to provide superior security with its TCP/IP communication and two communication protocols, RS-485 and Wiegand. It can store up to 100,000 users and 500,000 card-swiping records and supports multi-door interlock, multi-user unlock, anti-passback, and remote unlock. This package has a range of alarm functions, including a reader tamper alarm, intrusion alarm, unlocking timeout alarm, duress alarm, invalid card exceeding threshold alarm, and incorrect password alarm.

The ACP-EL4-PACK also includes a built-in RTC and supports manual time fixing, and automatic time fixing, and data can be saved permanently in case of a power failure. Additionally, it supports online upgrades, a watchdog mechanism, and a power supply through a storage battery to ensure the stability of the system.

The package is equipped with a range of unlock modes, including card swiping, remote, password, and fingerprint. It supports up to 128-period lists and holiday periods, network updates, first-card unlock, remote verification, blocklist/allowlist, and peripheral card readers, including 4-channel RS-485 and 4-channel Wiegand card readers.

The ACP-EL4-PACK also offers real-time surveillance and multiple authentication features, with user types such as general user, VIP user, patrol user, guest user, blocklist user, and other users. It supports up to 3,000 fingerprints and 100,000 cards, with a record capacity of 500,000.

The package includes 5 RS-485 ports, 4 Wiegand ports, 1 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port, 6 digital quantity alarm inputs, 4 relay alarm outputs, and lock control for 4 channels. The power supply is 100-240 V AC, with an IP rating of IP20 and Ik04, and is CE and FCC certified.

In conclusion, the ACP-EL4-PACK is a comprehensive and advanced security solution that offers a range of features to enhance the security of your premises. With its superior communication protocols, alarm functions, and unlock modes, this package is an ideal solution for those looking for a secure and efficient security system.

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