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DX Series Single Door Door Access Control Package

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The ACP-DXEL1-Pack-1 is an affordable option for access control on 1 door. This access control system can connect up 2 Proximity card readers (1 for each side of the door), an exit button and electronic door locks. It can also hook up to output devices such as alarms, sirens etc.

One great feature of this 1 door access control panel is its connectivity. If you have a network, you just need to connect the control panel to that network with a standard Ethernet Cable by plugging it in the RJ45 port on the control board. Any computer that is on that network will be able to connect to the access control board by using our free DX Access Control Software. Its as easy as that. You will be able to register users, enable access to those users, know when those users access the system, and more.

Another great feature is the expansion possibilities for adding more doors at a later time. Consider this. You have purchased this 1 door access control board and after some time you wish to add access control to another door. All you need to do is get another access control panel for that door, connect that to the existing network, and the DX Access Control Software will string together both doors. Want to add 4 more doors to your access control configuration? Just buy a 4-door access control panel and our software will loop together all those doors plus the existing doors. Access Control has never been so easy!

This Package Includes

DX Series Single Door TCP/IP Web Server Controller – (ACP-DXEL1)

DX Series Control Board Power Supply Box 12V 5A – (ACPWR-DXCASE12V5A)

Optional Accessories

An optional backup battery is highly recommended in case of a power outage

Battery Backup – (ACPWR-BBU 1-7)

Full Line of Access Control Access Control Proximity Card Readers and Electronic Door Locks and more!

Model ACP-DXEL1-Pack-1
Unit Size 160mm x 106mm
Unit Packing Standard
Unit Packing Size 21 x 13.8 x 137.5 px
Accessories User Manual, Warranty card
Conventional Function Off-line operation; Real time supervision; Photo display; Mass storage; Flexible user privilege setup; Remote unlocking; Multi-user supervision; Quick setting; Convenient checking and query; Revisable and printable report form; Report form; Report can be exported to excel file; Card + password unlocking; Alarm for long time unclosing; Alarm for invalid card swiping; First card unlocking; Alarm for illegal break in; Unlocking at definite time; E-map etc.
Professional Function For professional users such as banks, cash houses, telecom stations, power supply stations, prisons and police stations: Interface locking; Intimidation alarm; Integrated fire control; Anti-pass-back and anti-tail; Interlocking; Multi-card unlocking; Emergency double locking; In door population checking; Unlocking based on internal and external validation.
All-in-one-card Management System Normal shift and multi-shifts time attendance management system; Fixed ration dining management system; Meeting attendance management system; Online patrol management system and security alarm management system.
Communication TCP/IP 10M/100M adaptive
English Software Supportable Database Access and SQL
Description Control 1 door, get in and out door by swiping card, or get in by swiping card and get out door by button
Power Supply 12VDC 4-7A
Power Consumption of Circuit Board Less than 100mA
Input Format of Reader Wiegand 26 (All card reader with compatible protocol, such as Motorola , HID, EM , Mifare one etc)
Quantity of Readers 2pcs
Door Controlled 1
Door Opening Time Extending Setting 1-600 seconds (adjustable)
Max Quantity of Controller No limit
Remark N denotes qty of computer serial Port or qty of 485hub port, support 256pcs ports
Operation Temperature -40°C ~ 70°C
Operation Humidity 10-90 % RH , No Condensation
Quantity of Users 20,000 Users
Quantity of Event Buffers (off-line) 100,000 event buffers
Power Interruption Protection Measure High Speed Memory, Records never lose
Max Distance from Reader to Controller 100m (suggestion distance 80m)
Max Distance Between Controllers RS232: Communication Distance less than 13m, suggestion distance is 3m or less

RS485: bus line max length 1200m, suggestion length 1000m or less, if expansion device added, the distance could be 3000m

TCP/IP: Depends on net coverage area

Collocations PCB board, Case, Power, Power line, Serial port communication line, Software, Manual, Certificate, Key(2pcs), Carton
Alarm for Long Time Door Open, Illegal Break In, Intimidate Yes
Open and Close Door at Long time Yes
Open Door in Remote Distance Yes
Inter Block Yes
Anti Pass Back and Tail Yes
Multi-card Open Door Yes
Open Long Time at Specified Time Yes
Electronic Map Yes
Urgency Locking Yes
First Card Unlocking Yes
Unlock Based on Internal and External Validation Yes
Remote Administration No

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