B-wire “Beanie” Wire Connectors (100 Pieces)

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Premium quality B-Wire connectors are manufactured from high quality material. These connectors feature insulation piercing internal teeth, soft (easy to squeeze) crimp, rugged protective outer covering and are filled with a corrosion resistant silicone gel. These connectors have been used in the CCTV industry for many years and are the standard method for splicing wire. They provide a solid dependable splice in wires ranging from 18 to 30 gauge.

Reviews (5)

5 reviews for B-wire “Beanie” Wire Connectors (100 Pieces)

  1. Tommy L.

    Great for splicing wires.

  2. Bart Holcomb

    These connectors work very well. I usually use them to connect or make splices in my power supply lines. They pierce the wire’s insulation just right so as to make a solid connection.

  3. King, Anson

    Very useful for making quick and reliable connections.

  4. Vance Laughlin

    These are great for connecting just about any kind of wire, especially alarm wires and power supply wires. They remind me of a connector we used to use in the telephone industry (I don’t know if they still use them or not, I’m retired) called Scotch-Locks. The crimping teeth make a good connection with the wire while the silicone gel prevents rusting and water invasion.

  5. Geroge Paulsen

    These work great in a “pinch.”…Get it–“pinch?”

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