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1ft UL Listed 22/4 AWG Solid Core Copper Wire

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This is our high quality 22/4 alarm cable by the foot. This cable consists of 4 strands of insulated 100% solid copper 22AWG wire. This is standard alarm system wire, but can be used as control wire, telephone wire, etc.

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for 1ft UL Listed 22/4 AWG Solid Core Copper Wire

  1. Max Donner

    I bought some of this wire when I ordered my system, just to have around the house. It’s good quality, and the color matches my baseboards exactly.

  2. John Kelso

    I purchased this wire when I bought my Ultimate DVR system. The wire is high quality solid copper wire. This works great if you are going to use the alarm functions on your DVR. Run this from the triggers to the DVR and from the DVR to the output devices.

  3. Fred Hamprass

    This works well as alarm wire but it also works good for using as the RS485 connection wire for PTZ remote control.

  4. Carson, Dave (New York USA)

    This is decent wire. It’s also good for running audio lines for microphones.

  5. The Cameraman

    Excellent quality wire. Order this with other products to make your total over $500 so you eliminate shipping costs and the price is competitive. Although I’ve found that inside telephone wire works for alarm systems too, you can also use this for telephone systems when you need it in a pinch.

  6. F. Lackey

    Good wire for connecting trigger devices and output devices to DVRs. Good quality.

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