Elite 8 Door Access Control Package W/ UL Power Supply

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The ACP-EL8-PACK is our 8-door Elite access control system. This model allows you to set up access control with many enhanced features. The ACP-EL8-PACK uses a RJ45 for network connection and works with the DSS Express software or Smart PSS AC software which are both available for free on our site.  

The  ACP-EL8-PACK has an incredible database capacity, allowing for the storage of 100k individual users, as well as a swipe log of up to 500k events which will let you know who has accessed what door and when.

This system’s features allow for different methods of enhanced access control such as Anti-Passback, Door Interlocking, First Card Unlock & Multi-Card Unlock. Making the ACP-EL8-PACK the ultimate access control package.

Anti-Passback requires users to not only scan upon entry but also upon exit. If the user does not scan on exit an alarm will be triggered & that user’s ID cannot be used to open the same door. Ensuring that no one else can enter trying to use the same user ID.

Door Interlocking will allow you to create an airlock. Meaning that in a location that has a front door, then a secondary door behind it, you are able to program the second door to not be able to be opened until the first door has been shut. The ACP-EL8-PACK is able to interlock two groups of four doors.

 The First Card Unlock setting gives you two different options. A door can be programmed to be locked until the specified user has opened it, then it can either be a normally open door until the programmed timezone ends or the door will remain locked but can now be unlocked by other users. The ACP-EL8-PACK allows for multiple First Card users per individual door.    

The Final method is Multi-Card Unlock, which adds the requirement of the presence of a specified user or a group of specified users to unlock the door. For example, a door can be programmed to only open for the manager, but can also be set so the two assistant managers can unlock the door if they are both present.

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