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Capabilities of IP Cameras

Capabilities of IP Cameras

We want to talk to you about the amazing Capabilities of IP Cameras available today on the hardware sold by us, right here at Security Camera King!

But what even is an IP camera, and furthermore what makes the Capabilities of IP Cameras we’re talking about so awesome? Worry not because your CCTV experts here at Security Camera King are ready and willing to take that question to the next level, and provide a world class answer that will leave you with so many choices you just might have more questions than when you started!

A little bit about us first! Security Camera King has been the USA’s number one source for online  sales of retail security hardware. Specifically this pertains to CCTV- also known as closed circuit television, and even more also known as “security cameras”. CCTV is our bread and butter, but we also carry access control equipment, and networking hardware built around the security field with a greater focus on stability and security than typical network hardware. We’ve been at this for well over a decade and in that time have built a team of world class tech support and sales ready and willing to make sure you get the best product, at the best price, that matches your security needs. With the many IP Camera Capabilities available today, it can be often difficult to understand what it is you need to get the job done. At security Camera King we pride ourselves on proper equipment matching. That means we don’t push our customers into needlessly expensive solutions that outweigh their needs, nor would we suggest extremely cheap or ineffective hardware that wont quite get the job done. When it comes to security products our sales and support teams know best, and even after reading one of our awesome articles we still recommend you always talk to our sales team before making final purchase. This way you’re 100% certain you’ve chosen the right product for the job.

With that out of the way, on to the various Capabilities of IP Cameras!

The First and most important capability of IP cameras is the ability to utilize a feature called Power over Ethernet, more commonly referred to by its acronym- PoE. PoE allows an IP camera to communicate its video stream via digital signal over a computer network and cable, all while receiving power to operate from that same cable. The cable used is an Ethernet cable, either cat5 or cat6. You might be wondering why they would use this type of cable. That’s because IP cameras communicate their data the same way computers do, using a computer network. Each IP camera will get a numerical address called an IP address that allows other devices on the same network to find and communicate with the cameras. In the case of IP cameras, this can be and often is a computer used for setup, as well as a device called an NVR- network Video Recorder. An NVR is a central station which stores the video recordings from IP cameras, handles playback, access and interaction, as well as a centralized location for settings for the cameras. PoE makes it so these types of cameras only have to use one cable, rather than two separate cables for video and power. This creates less clutter, and makes interacting with individual cameras more direct. Additionally the fact that IP cameras are their own mini computers allows them to perform all the video data processing on the cameras, before being sent to a recorder. This means the recorder is free to use its processing power to ensure better quality recordings, and, work with better quality higher resolution cameras while offering higher framerates and bitrates. (smoother and sharper picture!)

Another one of the amazing capabilities of IP cameras are the various AI functions which enhance their recording and alerting. Almost every IP camera under the sun features some form of motion detection. However the IP cameras at SCK which are AI enabled feature SMD+. SMD, is smart motion detection, and its an important additional layer in the motion detection process that shouldn’t be ignored as a feature. SMD helps with false alerts. False alerts occur when a camera ad/or recorders alerting systems catch something which ultimately is a non issue, and under ideal circumstances wouldn’t be considered an alert. The truth i there is no 100% solution to removing false alerts. However much can be done to mitigate them.

SMD+ adds an AI layer over the motion detection function which attempts to filter out any results the AI would not classify as human or vehicle. In most situations, human and vehicle targets are the type of information users want to be alerted for, they aren’t often concerned with an occasional stray animal. while occasionally a really specific arrangement of pixels in a scene might cause a false alert, with SMD they are reduced to a manageable minimum.

The same can be said for AI powered IVS, known formally as intelligent video surveillance. The capabilities of IP cameras often include this AI function, which allows you to generate digital tripwires and intrusion boxes. Much like SMD, the AI filters out any non human or vehicle targets which cross into or exist with these types of rules. Tripwire rules were already more specific form of record keeping and alerting than motion detection , which is inherently designed to be  a more general approach.

Besides the above mentioned capabilities, there are even more various capabilites of IP cameras. Including but not limited to:

  • 4k Resolution
  • ePoe extended power over ethernet
  • Poe+ and HiPoe for additional high power camera solutions
  • Pan Tilt Zoom or PTZ functionality
  • IR and Night vision features
  • License Plate Capture and Recognition
  • and much MORE

For more information on how IP cameras and IP camera systems can be of value to your security situation, give us a call today at 561-2885258 to talk to a sales Pro. Thanks for reading, and stay safe!

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