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Special Purpose Cameras

Special Purpose Cameras
Security Camera king stocks a variety of Special Purpose Cameras that can perform a wide variety of security goals.

Whether you’re looking for a straightforward security solution backed by cutting-edge technology or a unique solution tailored to your specific demands, Security Camera King has the gear you need. What are IP cameras and what makes some of them unique? We’ll answer these questions and share our favorite options right now. To start, let’s take a quick look at who we are.

Security Camera King has provided quality CCTV hardware and security hardware to the public for over 10 years. We began as a local installation company in sunny, southern Florida but have expanded beyond our origins to sell our products nation wide. While we do not offer installation outside of southern Florida, we provide excellent technical support that our customers have grown to appreciate and rely on. While our products come with a limited replace warranty, we provide lifetime technical support for everything we sell. It means you will never have to deal with setting up or troubleshooting issues on your own. Our tech support team is available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. We are always just a chat or telephone call away.

The most current CCTV cameras are internet cameras. There have been many different kinds of cameras and still are, beside and prior to internet cameras. Video tape and VCR recorders connected to analogue cameras with coax cables in order to produce TVL, or TV lines resolution CCTV systems. The Digital Video Recorder (DVR) was created, a machine made of computer technology that is able to digitally record camera data by burning to CD, DVD, or hard drive. Video tape was soon replaced by the DVR with HD technology, which allowed for cameras to be connected to it. Because of the digital communication over coax signals, HD means high definition digital over COAX signals are no longer analog.

Unlike traditional cameras, which use a BNC or COAX cable to connect to central NVR recorders, IP cameras connect to computers via ethernet cables instead. NVRs, on the other hand, are central recording stations that utilize network video recorders. They use ethernet cables to cross-communicate data with the recorder. IP cameras have the highest resolution standards and offer the greatest amount of resolution choices. That’s why we’re interested in their advanced technologies! IP cameras often include special functions, so we’ll discuss them below.

One of our more popular special purpose cameras that can be used in a variety of interesting scenarios is the 4MP Multi-Sensor Vandal

This camera is one of our most exciting Specialized IP Cameras. What makes it unique is that it comes with two separately hand adjustable 2.8 millimeter fixed 4-megapixel camera lenses. Both camera lenses operate independently of each other, and this camera is ideal for covering a wide area or two. When logistically mounting multiple cameras would either look undesirable or not feasible, this unit is excellent. Because it is powered over PoE, this camera can receive its electrical power for both lenses from a single Ethernet cable.

Thermal IP Cameras are another Special purpose camera which can help in surprising ways.

The typical Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet light spectrum registered by conventional cameras is replaced by a thermal image in these cameras that demonstrates the magnitude of heat intensity in the scene. The applications for these cameras are numerous, but there are a few common uses. Fire inspectors, for example, may employ them to acquire a better picture of exactly what is happening at a large building or community at night, when the surroundings conceal potential intruders or people. Firefighters may use thermal imaging to see if people are moving in the dark, avoiding playing fine details but just displaying thermal images of what they see. Additionally, they can be used to detect sudden rises in temperature over a short period of time, in order to prepare for fire prevention and emergency responses.

For monitoring incoming and exiting vehicle traffic, there’s no better special purpose cameras than LPR, or license plate recognition cameras. LPR 3x and LPR 5x. 

License Plate Recognition cameras are really popular right now They can accurately survey, photograph, catalogue, and archives the license plate data of vehicles that enter and exit a particular area. To monitor plate captures and compare them, an NVR with ANPR or an SD card can be used in conjunction with it. White and blacklists may also be set up, alerts can be generated, and access control may be tied to it as long as the installation and configuration are done by a qualified technician.

You can then search back on your NVR, DVR, or direct from the camera’s database to find a partial plate, a type of vehicle by make and model, narrow down by time and date. With this tool you can see any vehicles that entered or left the property based on where your LPR cameras were positioned.

No matter what you’re security and CCTV goals are security camera king carries the Special Purpose Cameras you need to get  properly covered. For more info or planning a solution that works for you, give us a Call at 581 288 5258 today!

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