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CCTV for Commercial Locations

CCTV for Commercial Locations

Security Camera King is an online retailer which provides top end CCTV for commercial Locations, and Residential as well.

CCTV technology is utilized in many ways, some of which are more important than others, but Commercial CCTV applications are among the most important. There is a greater incidence of commercial CCTV use compared to residential CCTV, as commercial spaces benefit from more advanced technology and features. Why does your company need a CCTV system? No matter how large or small your business, CCTV can be of benefit yo you.  Lets elaborate on that!

We’re going to talk about some important reasons we think play a role in anyone’s choice to install commercial CCTV and the what we know   influences the types of technologies you might choose to use in your CCTV system. While much of the technology is the same, CCTV for commercial locations is often chosen with specific purposes in mind.

CCTV is extremely effective at preventing on-site crimes because it can act as a deterrent- something many don’t think about as most beleive CCTV to only benefit after-the-fact.

A deterrent is anything that tries to prevent a certain type of event from happening. In this instance, we would be trying to deter a crime at our business location and  who we would be deterring would be potential criminals. A criminal may have a number of reasons to be on your property, including theft, vandalism, destruction of property, or any combination thereof. Since businesses frequently spend money and trade goods, they are especially vulnerable to theft.

Proper installation is also a factor in CCTV equipment choice. Often you will get recommendations from your contractor. CCTV cameras are usually set up by experienced installation companies, who know where to position your cameras on your property and the perimeter to get the best possible views. This not only prevents potentially life-threatening incidents from happening, but it also creates deterrents. Because CCTV cameras are positioned in such a way that any criminal approaching the perimeter would be alerted to their presence, this is a significant advantage. This happens because it is more likely that a criminal would simply give up and not try if they knew a CCTV system was protecting a business. We even sell cameras that include audio and visual alarm features called Active Deterrence Cameras!

CCTV systems on-site are a smart business decision for a other reasons too. One obvious reason is liability. Because of dangerous workplaces or harmful actions, businesses are obligated to safeguard their employees and customers. If an employee, or even a customer or client is injured at business location, the employer must be able to demonstrate that it was not at fault for the injury in order to avoid litigation. In most cases, an employer will still have to provide workman’s compensation for the injury or time off, but to what extent is determined by the employer’s ability to show that it was not negligent and thus caused the damage. If a customer were to fall at your business or get hurt, for example, your business would not be solely to blame, and having CCTV footage on file would assist you in demonstrating that you did your due diligence to prevent such an accident.

If you own a business, you have insurance for a variety of situations. One major benefit of CCTV is the reduction of insurance costs. While not a 100% guarantee, its more often than not that many insurance companies provide some sort of discount on premiums if CCTV is installed on the premises. This is because insurance is a fallback plan for many of the issues that can be addressed by CCTV, such as property damage or theft. This system boosts the insurance provider’s confidence that they will not have to pay out, resulting in savings for your company’s insurance policy.

Evidence is the most common reason people think of if asked ‘what do you think the purpose of CCTV is?”. CCTV for Commercial Locations is no exception, and if anything this is even more true. This evidence can be used in a number of circumstances, such as the one cited above, but it can also be used to assist in the prosecution of a criminal. Criminals know that CCTV footage is being recorded and this awareness is what makes them less likely to be detected in the first place, according to data from the FBI. Because CCTV cameras capture footage, criminals do not want to be captured, so they do not proceed to the site, according to the survey results.

If you, your employees, and potential customers feel safe while at work, you will have a greater chance of increasing productivity. Our last reason for having a CCTV system installed is the peace of mind that you, your employees, and potential customers will have. When employees are at work, providing a level of emotional security is important. CCTV for commercial locations acts as a deterrent, which in turn provides a measure of safety, and a feeling of security any employee should have when working. It is important for everyone to feel safe at their job, and especially whilst shopping. The peace of mind CCTV can provide can lead to increased sales, in addition to increasing productivity and certainly, customers who feel safer when you operate will go to your location.

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