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Why use IP cameras

Why Use IP cameras?
Hybrid DVRs are now available in most places, and Security Camera King often is asked “why use ip cameras?” There is some confusion with this question though as many people believe IP cameras can only be used with an NVR. Considering that Hybrid DVRs can use IP cameras too, what many people don’t realize is that what there really asking is actually  “what are the benefits of an NVR vs a DVR”.

We can discuss what an NVR is, which will assist us in answering the question “why use an NVR?”. We will first define what an NVR is, so you can understand why we would use one.

NVR stands for ‘network video recorder.’ They are relatively ‘new’ because they are not as common as DVRs (digital video recorders) and NVRs. ‘DVR’ is an abbreviated version of ‘digital video recorder,’ which is an industry term for video recorders. Due to this information, we know that both NVRs and DVRs are used to record video. Clearly, one of them must be different in some significant way if it shares the same function but has a different name.

DVRs record video by connecting to CCTV, or closed-circuit-television cameras via coaxial cable. The cable can send an analog, or more recently, a digital video signal to a DVR to record that video data, digitally, to a hard disk or disks. The processing is done on the DVR.

The goal of an NVR is the same, but it is done in a very different way. With an NVR, the process of capturing video from cameras across the premises and recording it digitally is very different. This device connects to a computer network on-site, or it has its own private network. Network cameras, also known as IP cameras, are part of the network. The NVR can connect to the IP cameras and record their video data over this digital network, which is what it does. The NVR makes sure that the video data is sent to the NVR for recording, without doing any coding or processing of the data.

Often this leads to another natural question- is an NVR any better than a DVR? Even the best NVRs still might not be useful to you if you have an existing system that uses COAX cameras installed on site. NVRs, while offering many features that DVRs do not, can not work with COAX cameras. DVRs can, however, add IP cameras to themselves, though their feature compatibility might be limited. What this means is that you need to determine your requirements and determine what works for you.

It is impossible  to guarantee that  using an NVR and IP camera in a brand new security camera installation is always the way to go every single time, but generally speaking this is the recommend course of action on new installs without any existing hardware. IP cameras are the most advanced available today, and the best NVRs will be able to utilize features found only in IP cameras that are not available in COAX ones.

Enabling a camera’s internal settings through the camera’s menus  is one of the most requested features in-camera tech today. Until IP, this was a challenging task using a PTZ controller, which was generally unresponsive or unresponsive. You would have to use a PTZ controller to access the camera’s OSD or on-screen-display and navigate through a list of text-based menus, hoping to find what you want. It’s possible that the OSD may have text-based menus, requiring you to use the PTZ controller to access it. It may be difficult to find certain settings, the OSD may have finicky behaviour, and the setting might not take effect immediately.

You can get camera settings from the NVRs interface directly on IP cameras on a network, as well as using a PC to connect to these cameras over their IP address and provide a direct web interface exclusively for the camera you’re working with! This makes it much easier to access and manipulate the most specific settings in the camera, as well as being able to see if your settings have effected it. It is also much easier to tell whether or not your settings have been effective

These NVRs can save you a lot of space by compressing that ultra-high-quality resolution into file sizes up to 65% smaller than h642 compression at 4k. Additionally, resolutions such as 4k are achievable using h264 video compression on the machines we now have available. These machines can save you lots of space by squeezing that super high-quality image into file sizes up to 65% smaller than h642 compression at 4k! That’s a lot more recording time!

If you’re convinced NVRs are the way to go, you’re going to want to make a List of the Best NVRS available, click the link given below to see what we’ve got. We highly recommend that you contact one of our sales pros to learn more about compatibility, and get realistic expectations for the equipment’s capabilities!

Our Sales Professionals are here to answer any further questio ns related to “why use ip cameras” or any other concerns you might have regarding your new CCTV system. With SCK, you know you’ve got the most cutting edge tech and lifetime tech support, along with a solid 2-3 year warranty depending on the product getting your back.

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