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Solar Powered Security Camera System

Solar Powered Security Camera System
Security Camera King is proud to introduce our state of the art Solar Powered Security Camera System! We took the Solar Panel out to a local park and connected it to our 4g Capable 2 Megapixel Camera to show what these devices can do. The camera was able to perform at full performance with zero issues.

That’s because the Solar Powered Security Camera System can generate 120 Watts of power, via its 45 Amp/Hr Battery. The battery has a capacity rated at 576 watts. When used with a standard 12 Volt security camera, that battery can power it for up to 30 hours on a full charge.

Even when it is cloudy outside the Solar Powered Security Camera System still generates a charge. However, on an optimal sunny day, the panel will get to a full charge in about twenty-four hours. It connects to a security camera and provides power via the 3.5mm 12v DC port. You can then run the camera to a local network via ethernet cable for connectivity.

The camera we use in our demonstration is particularly special when paired with the Solar Powered Security Camera System for two reasons. Firstly, the camera is capable of accepting a 4g GSM SIM card like found in a smartphone. That means the camera is capable of connecting to the internet right over the air, with no physical network needed on site. This makes it ideal for use with an independent power source such as the Solar Panel System. Of course, to use this feature you’ll need a SIM card that has been activated for data service with your preferred 4G GSM carrier.

The second reason the 4G Camera is useful when paired with the Solar Panel system is its ability to read the panel’s statistics. That’s right, when connected via RS485 Serial the 4G Camera can read the incoming stats from the panel, such as total power and incoming charge. It can display that info in real-time, via the camera’s overlay. Additionally, when the camera is connected to our Remote Viewing App Elite Viewer Pro, the app will be able to display that information from the solar statistics page within the app.

There are plenty of applications or circumstances where the Solar Powered Security Camera System, and 4G Capable camera would be extremely useful. Here are some great examples:

-Covering a large athletic field at a school
-Covering a larger lot area that’s too far away to receive normal power or  network from the main location
-Rural areas such as farms, or ranches where there is little or no connectivity
-Parks or playgrounds
-Docks or marinas
-Constructions sites

There are of course numerous other possible applications. These devices can help eliminate the need for costly, complex installations on job sites where such a solution is needed for just one or two cameras that are not near normal power or network sources. We highly recommend professional installation for these devices. Check out our video above for more information and a demonstration, and don’t forget to like and subscribe. For sales or compatibility questions- give our team a call at (866) 573 – 8878.

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