May 9, 2017
Surveillance System Packages

Custom Surveillance System Packages

One of the many great services here at Security Camera King is our ability to create custom surveillance system packages for any application. Our premade packages are a great starting point but if you have specific needs such as license plate capturing, auto tracking, or even interests in recording audio we can substitute out the […]
December 20, 2015

Covert Cameras and how they can benefit your Security

We at Security Camera King are passionate about our jobs, we advocate, educate and design security to the best of our abilities to not only please you our customer but to increase the overall safety of your business and overall public safety. This includes security design and covert cameras. When considering a system how do you […]
August 14, 2013

GeekOut – The Trouble with Furbies

An online based publication from Security Camera King by Michael Gallardo. This is our series of articles that bring you the interesting developments of technology and the science behind it. All the while reminiscing on nostalgic events, the indulgent in humor, and breaking free of the norm of topics. I hope everyone enjoys
August 14, 2013

Cyber Crimes (Part I)

Crime has become increasingly more digital. It is done with ease, almost unnoticeable, hard to trace and able to be done from anywhere. Pre-date main stream technology, if someone robbed a bank, all we had to do was simply turn our heads and look at those who were in the vicinity of the bank being robbed. Now that it can be done digitally, when someone robs a bank, it can be anyone on the face of the earth that has a computer and an internet connection. The thought of this is very disturbing.
May 28, 2013

The Difference Between CIF and 4CIF Resolution

Many people mistakenly think that all security cameras and digital video recorders are the same, but this simply isn’t the truth. Some recorders offer a much better video quality than others, such as digital video recorders that will record in 4CIF resolution instead of the more typical CIF resolution. Although there is certainly nothing wrong […]