Surveillance System Packages
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Custom Surveillance System Packages

One of the many great services here at Security Camera King is our ability to create custom surveillance system packages for any application. Our premade packages are a great starting point but if you have specific needs such as license plate capturing, auto tracking, or even interests in recording audio we can substitute out the pre-packaged camera(s) and replace them with the camera system that best fits your specific situation. This gives you a more versatile array of choices for custom surveillance system packages that are capable of handling your specific needs:

  • Want to replace just one camera for a vandal dome or a camera with more infrared distance (night vision).
  • Maybe you want something wireless for just that one spot that you can’t run cable to?
  • What if you want something with a longer warranty?
  • We can skip through the products to offer you those that come with best warranties.
  • What about mixing camera brands and types?

We can help you get crucial information to identify what your current system is compatible with or what you need to ask your original supplier to figure out just what type of camera/DVR you have to determine what you really need! We supply a variety of different types of technology from coaxial type systems such Analog, AHD, TVI, and CVI to IP systems. We can help you figure out just what will benefit you in your application or what will work with your existing equipment. Regardless of the application our sales reps are educated and informed on our entire inventory and able to get just the right product for your surveillance needs.

Whether you are a home or business owner or whether you are looking to create custom surveillance system packages or update a current one, we have the experience and skill set necessary to help you identify your most vulnerable areas and how to cover them with the best possible technology. Our sales team has experience reviewing all kind infrastructure from routers and POE switches to Passive and active baluns. We can help you find the easiest and best possible solution to minimize bandwidth so it has little or no impact on your existing infrastructure. We can even review your floor plans and help you determine camera placement and coverage so that you get the most out of each camera whether it’s a wider lens or something adjustable. If you are updating or implementing a more advanced corporate and multiple site surveillance build out, we can even create 3-dimensional renderings of your facilities so you can see just where to place each camera and a rough view of the coverage area. If you’re one of our resellers you can take advantage of our experience and technical skills to help you make informed decisions with your customer or client and equip you with the best information and layouts so you are prepared to present to them the best possible solutions. No matter what the application we can customize a complete package for you.

Is it your first time making selections from surveillance system packages? We’ve always prided ourselves on our customer service and support and one great asset to you is our sales team. As former installers and integrator, we know firsthand what goes into surveillance system packages and can help you check all the parts availability and shipping times to help you have a smooth purchase and installation. Additionally, we can determine how much hard drive space you’ll need based on the settings and length of time you wish to record for, or what fits your schedule. This way you are never opening your box to realize you have forgotten a connector or missing that one item or adapter necessary to complete the connection. Moreover, we are able to provide you with intelligent solutions and even work with your existing surveillance system packages! Should you have a system installed previously we can help you find cameras or recorders to replace out of date or damaged equipment, most of which is versatile enough to be upgradable as your surveillance system packages needs grow. With the growth rate of technology being what it is, it’s important to have a system that will fit your needs and will grow with you over time as new emerging technologies are developed. It is, for this reason, we offer top of the line equipment and update our inventory with the latest new models. We regularly receive updated software and firmware to increase compatibility between our lines and increase the functionality of our surveillance system packages when applicable. This means even after your purchase we are working hard to keep your custom surveillance system packages up to date and as sales representatives, we try to keep up to date on the newest capabilities of even our older systems.

Working on budget line? If our pricing wasn’t competitive enough already, our sales team can help you accomplish your goal for less, often simplifying infrastructure or able to find the camera that matches your needs from our overstock and clearance items! With so many product lines were able to get you just the right surveillance system packages to fit a variety of needs and budgets. So whether you need just one camera changed out or want to select from completely custom surveillance system packages that you can build from the ground up our surveillance experts in the sales can skillfully assess compare and create the perfect system! What about if you’re struggling to complete a project and stuck on product availability? We can help with alternatives and find the product that’s available our closest warehouse, this saves you time and cost by lowering the shipping costs to you. We can help you find multiple ways to save and deepen the cuts without sacrificing HD quality and reliability. Want something with a longer warranty? We can offer product lines with greater warranties based on your concerns, in fact with 100’s of new products many of them with extended warranties this will be something we will be addressing with greater variety and options. So no matter what factors or concerns you may have, our sales team is equipped to assist, assess and advise you on all your options while helping you find which of our surveillance system packages are best for you. Contact us to today to have any questions about our surveillance system packages addressed or to schedule service with us.

Surveillance System Packages