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Security Camera King began as a professional installation business in South Florida specializing in security cams. After spending some time working with the best products in the industry we gained proficient expertise in key features, technology advantages, and specific customer demands. Through this new heightened understanding for our customers’ wants and needs, we began designing our own line of professional security products to bring to manufacturing. We found this to be the most beneficial plan of action not only for our company’s growth but also our customers’ best interests. We offer high-quality business security cameras and technology. Designing our own products opened doors for specificity that we didn’t previously have. Most of the products we now carry were assembled with our distinct framing in mind, because of this we understand every aspect of our products with a depth unmatched by most of our competitors.

Business security cameras are a powerful tool for the protection of your company inventory and assets. Organized crime has been shown to target the unsuspecting, unwatched victim. A proper security system is an effectual instrument in nudging all individuals being monitored to act with integrity. Security camera systems are one of the best, if not the best tool to protect your company from fraudulent claims. Business Security Cameras are regularly used by retailers to help clarify many situations such as:

  • Confirming Purchases
  • Transaction Disputes
  • Customer Conflicts
  • Employee Conflicts
  • Missing Inventory
  • On-site injury


A great example of how business security cameras can help save your company from unfair exploitation comes to mind from a Palm Beach Post news report we recently encountered. A ceiling sprinkler became suddenly unhinged over a woman’s desk at her work establishment. It fell in front of her while no other people were around. The Ft. Lauderdale woman proceeded to hit herself with the fallen sprinkler. All this was done in attempts to collecting worker’s compensation for the “accident” that caused her on the job injury. She claimed the sprinkler bounced off her desk after falling and struck her on the head. After the company filed for the compensation claim the Division of Investigative and Forensic Services was called upon to investigate the case. This was done at the request of the insurance company who had doubts about what was described. The entire case was clarified by detectives through the use of a surveillance camera, exposing the fraudulent claim.

Maintaining secure premises for their employees, customers, and visitors is another integral portion of any successful business owner’s responsibilities. Security Camera Kings offers various options for CCTV and business security camera solutions. Our products greatly simplify the problem many companies have when attempting to maintain regular or constant vigilance over any specific area(s). Our business security cameras and technology have proven highly beneficial in the protection of establishments while conducting business as well as after hours. The use of closed-circuit television cameras has become the accepted norm around the world in maintaining the protection of today’s contemporary industries. This is because businesses know the effects that security system installations can bring with them, including highly effective crime deterrence.

In today’s fast-paced world, most businesses have at least some aspect of their enterprise integrated to work with technology including:

  • Digital Servers
  • Computers
  • Power Generators
  • Industry Specific Instruments
  • Additional Hardware


The preceding mentioned technology are important company chattels that cannot simply go missing. When company property disappears it hinders company performance, revenue and causes a loss of time to replace said items. An installation of business security cameras is a savvy investment for your property’s safety and your peace of mind.

Security Camera King presents state of the art security technology that can record high-resolution images and be equipped with additional features like motion control technology. Our cameras present an affordable alternative solution to hiring security personnel. Business security cameras are a greatly advantageous alternative to guards because you can place them in multiple locations and control the hours of operation for quite literally a fraction of the price. It is also easy to hire one security professional to monitor camera activity while maintaining a complete encompassing of visibility around your business establishment. The fact that you can customize a CCTV camera system to your business’s specific features, resolution, and DVR memory requirements will help you save a substantial amount of capital.

Remote viewing is one of the most sought capabilities from business security cameras.  This feature can be set up for both analog and digital CCTV equipment. Remote viewing of your footage can be set up to be viewed on a personal computer, smart-phone, tablet, or other digital media player. You also have the choice of remotely accessible live monitoring and video footage stored on a digital video recorder or cloud-based system. A business owner can rest at ease knowing he remotely monitor his business at their convenience and when it is most necessary.

If you are looking for the best business security cameras available, want knowledgeable and amicable professionals to work with, and would like to have genuine peace of mind when it comes to your company then turn to Security Camera King for excellent service and as the answer to your requests. Our expert team can help make merchandise recommendations, address any inquiries you may have, make product suggestions, and schedule an installation around your schedule. We have 100% free, U.S.A based technical support for our customers. Contact Security Camera Kings today to better secure your business.

Business Security Cameras


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