Best Business Security Camera System
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Best Business Security Camera System

Although there are countless numbers of businesses, and with each specific business very specific needs, we can note a few common goals among all of them. It is safe to assume that all businesses operate with the need to secure their employees, customers, products, services, and other assets. The need for proper security is something all savvy business owners will have to contemplate and one point or another. When it comes to securing your property, one should opt to find the best business security camera system available to them. Security Camera King showcases a consummately varied array of video recorders and cameras to give you flexibility when personalizing a system that works for you and will benefit your business.

What does having the best business security camera system entail? The meaning will vary business to business because of the specific needs those businesses have. There are some key factors one can consider when trying to determine what system would be ideal for them; features you may require include:

  • Visibility in Low Light
  • High-Resolution Monitoring
  • Remote Viewing
  • Weatherproof Cameras
  • Far/Wide Visibility Range
  • Automatic Lens Focus
  • Video Footage Storage

Security Camera King differs from most our competitors is one major way. Our competitors are typically re-selling several different brands of DVRs and cameras. While we are not attacking the tactic of re-sellers we are expressing our opinion that there are far too many brands and manufacturers involved in the resale of most products within the security industry for an individual to be an expert among them all. We pride ourselves on our extensive expertise of our self-designed and manufactured products paired with exceptional customer service and technical support.

One of the most sought after features among the security camera systems is being able to adequately identify activity as well as individuals in poorly lit conditions. If your business requires such features Security Camera King can supply night vision security cameras with built-in infrared LEDs. High resolution can also be extremely useful when needing to identify any subtle activity or sensitive information accurately. The common question when it comes to resolution is “How much do I need?” We recommend resolution above 700 lines when trying to monitor longer distances correctly. Lower resolution can cameras work well for indoor systems that only need to monitor one small area.

Remote viewing can be set up for both types of CCTV cameras, analog and digital. Modern systems have moved to digital interfaces. Digital video files can be viewed on most personal computers and many DVD and other media players. The digital video file may be viewed live on a monitor and/or stored on a Digital Video Recorder or DVR. Remote viewing can bring tremendous levels of peace of mind for any business owner. The best business security camera is the one that not only secures your property but allows you to easily access the footage your system is capturing whenever you may need to watch it.

If you are setting up an outdoor security system, one has to take into consideration how well the camera will hold up under the conditions it is being exposed to. While some purchasers will opt to place their outdoor cameras under a covered area for shielded exposure from the elements, it’s most wise to select weatherproof cameras so ensure your security system will function correctly and not unexpectedly give out when you may need it most. Security Camera King offers the best business security camera system for you, our weatherproof cameras can withstand extreme rain and wind bringing tranquility to you when wondering if your security system is safe or will remain intact.

The best business security camera system for you will be the one that can cater to the specific visibility requirements your establishment has. One must determine how far as well as how wide the visibility range for your system should be. These factors will be controlled primarily by your selection of lens for your system. There are three main groupings of video camera lenses:

  • Varifocal Length with Automatic Iris
  • Varifocal Length with Manual Iris
  • Fixed Focal Length with Manual Iris

The camera’s iris serves the same purpose as yours; it the determining factor of how much light is allowed to pass through it. A manual iris will work best in an indoor environment with minimally changing of lighting; it is ideal for office buildings remaining constant focus until you adjust it. On the other hand, an automatic lens will adjust itself to the lighting conditions it was placed in, changing focus is real-time to allow for the best visibility. Length refers to the camera’s ability to change its field of view. Fixed length security cameras have a predetermined scope of visibility the selected lens size. The bigger the lens becomes the more narrow field of vision. Varifocal lenses are adjustable giving you flexibility in the camera’s performance.

Security Camera King will provide a system that gives employees and customers a gentle reminder to deal honestly. It is statistically proven that criminals look for and pick the easiest target; the best business security camera system is one that helps in crime prevention through deterrence. Having a good security camera system at cash registers can quickly help resolve customer disputes about incorrect change being given or what payment method was used for purchase. You will have a 24 hour a day eye on your inventory that can be reviewed if you ever experience discrepancies in numbers or evident diminution.

If you are looking to better secure your business, get specific needs catered to, and gain repose when thinking about your property then don’t hesitate to contact Security Camera King. Our dedicated and knowledgeable staff can answer any questions you may have, make product suggestions, and help accommodate installations or in-person meetings to fit your schedule. We offer 100% free technical support for our customers and our confident we can help you too.

Best Business Security Camera System

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