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Remote Video Monitoring

A new emerging service has been coming up lately. I believe it will become more prevalent in a shot period of time. That service is Remote Video Monitoring. While installing security cameras and alarm systems are great deterrents, they usually cannot stop criminals. Alarm systems can notify a central station of an event occurring, and security cameras have the ability to record and catalog that event. Having a recording of a break in is a good thing to have. In some and maybe even maybe cases, the video recordings will help you to identify the intruder. Now, you can take the security cameras to the next level. Have them monitored live. When an event occurs, the video monitoring company can interact in real time with the intruders, they can contact the authorities and they can provide intel to the authorities when they arrive on the scene. No you have gone from reacting to crime after the fact to preventing crime before it even occurs.

Think about the benefits of having your security cameras monitored remotely versus having a security guard on location. The first benefit is cost savings. You will save money because a single guard can monitor several locations via remote connection to security cameras rather than be in a single location at one time. The next benefit is that a remote security guard can be more effective than a security guard on location. Imagine the first thing that a would be intruder would do when breaking into or robbing a business that is protected by an armed security guard. They will first take out the guard. They will incapacitate him and disarm him. they cannot do that to a remote video security guard. also, a security guard on site cannot cover an entire property at once. they will usually have to go on patrol, moving from location to location, leaving the previous location unguarded. A virtual security guard can have eyes everywhere at once, making him more effective.

Remote video monitoring is still fairly new, but you will find them popping up more and more.


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