September 15, 2011

CCTV Alarm System

A Closed Circuit TeleVision or CCTV alarm system for the home provides the user with the best of both worlds. Video monitoring and recording for documentation purposes and alarm notification that something is wrong.
March 22, 2011

CCTV Systems

The phrase CCTV systems can cover a broad range of different video camera systems. Generally speaking, when we think of a CCTV system, we are usually referring to a video monitoring, surveillance, and/or security system. CCTV is an acronym for Closed Circuit TeleVision however, more often then not in today's age of technology, these systems are often called digital video security and surveillance systems.
January 10, 2010

Remote Video Monitoring

A new emerging service has been coming up lately. I believe it will become more prevalent in a shot period of time. That service is Remote Video Monitoring. While installing security cameras and alarm systems are great deterrents, they usually cannot stop criminals. Alarm systems can notify a central station of an event occurring, and […]