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Which Security Cameras Are For The Outdoors?

Selecting the right security camera for your environment may seem to be a difficult task. There are many options in outdoor security cameras. Typically, indoor security cameras are made of plastic and outdoor surveillance cameras are made of metal. Additionally, outdoor security cameras will be weatherproof as well. Normally they will be at least IP65. this means it is safe from water spray at any direction and dust free. Your choices for outdoor security cameras are:


Bullets get their name from the shape of the camera. It is the shape of a bullet. Make sure they are rated at least IP65. These surveillance cameras are often used for long range infra red views. It is best to mount them above the reach of people since they can be vandalized easily.

Vandal Domes:

Vandal Dome security cameras are domes that have a metal housing. These cameras are ideal for areas that are within easy reach of people because they are difficult to vandalize.

Box Cameras in Outdoor Housings:

Standard CCTV box cameras are fine for the outdoors as long as they are placed inside an outdoor rated housing. These housings will protect the cameras from the weather and usually have locks on them to prevent tampering.

Any of the above cameras would make fine choices for outdoor security cameras.


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