Business CCTV Systems
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Business CCTV Systems

Business CCTV Systems are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposition to protect your business from theft and other criminal activity. It is a proficient crime deterrent and may be customized enough to meet the demands of any industry. Security Camera King began primarily as professional installation company for domestic and business CCTV systems. Security Camera King today are industry leaders in security camera design; we take pride in producing business CCTV systems that meet our standards of functionality, user-friendliness, and overall excellence. We continuously strive to design CCTV systems that meet our customers’ security camera desires and necessities.

Business CCTV systems protect your business in a multitude of ways. We can accurately infer from statistics that criminals are more likely to attempt to rob or vandalize facilities that have low-risk factor. When a criminal sees that a potential target is properly monitored and protected by business CCTV systems they are much more likely to turn away from the organization. A security camera system is an investment that will serve to defend your employees, inventory, customers, and other business valuables.

All businesses share the goal of generating profit, keeping their customers satisfied, and maintaining the protection of their assets. This means that despite their being differences from industry to industry there a key tools that every business should be striving to obtain to meet these demands. A business CCTV system is among the most effective ways for any entrepreneur to meet these goals. Security Camera Kings offers high-quality systems that have been manufactured to our design specifications. We take this approach because it allows us to overcome any problems that we’ve noted from our competitors with ease. We design our security camera systems with all of our past customers’ suggestions and requests in mind and with years of security industry experience under our belts. This has allowed us to cultivate business CCTV systems that can meet the meticulous selectiveness of any customer, no matter what their desired particularities may be.

We offer all the equipment necessary to set up a system ranging from the simplest needs to the most complicated multi-camera and security features system. At Security Camera King you can shop for:

  • Video Recorders
    • HD Security DVRs
    • IP Camera Recorders NVRs
  • Security Cameras
    • Network IP Security Cameras
    • HD Security Cameras
  • Complete Systems
    • Network IP Security Packages
    • HD Security Camera Packages
    • I-502 and Amendment 64 Compliant Packages

If you are a business owner who is looking to secure any property or site on your property through real-time monitoring but are trying to avoid the added, notable expense of hiring a security guard or team of security guards for multiple locations on your premises then it’s time to consider remote video monitoring. Here at Security Camera King, we offer a wide selection of business CCTV systems that can be setup for remote video monitoring services. Remote video monitoring essentially entails a trained security guard who will be watching any camera or set of multiple cameras you want at chosen designated times.

Remote video monitoring of business CCTV systems allows companies to reap the benefits of a full security staff’s eyes and responsiveness at a fraction of the price. You can install a business CCTV systems all throughout the perimeter of your business and have a highly trained security guard vigilantly monitor your cameras that will call and dispatch the proper authorities the second a problem occurs. This capability combined with the already effective crime deterrence factor that security camera systems bring to the table will ensure that your business, staff, and customer safety is properly attended to.

If your business is a retail location the use of closed-circuit television systems can help keep various things in order while in operation. Security Camera King eliminates the problem many industries have of specific situation confirmation. For example, a business CCTV system placed to monitor a register can help clarify any purchases made even when the customer is missing their receipt. This will also mitigate the problem of transaction disputes whether there is a disagreement about payment used, or the amount of tender exchanged (no more “wrong change” problems).

One unfortunate problem that can arise within the workplace is employee conflicts. Sometimes disagreements can arise between two or more employees, good business CCTV systems can help stop the situation before it escalates and can also help a supervisor understand the situation through video footage eradicating any chance of bias. Another problem that can come up with the conducting of a business is missing inventory. Companies that stock inventory for distribution will typically have inventory counts every so often (most of the time monthly or bi-monthly) when there is a discrepancy in the numbers it can be difficult if not impossible to determine how that inventory was lost. Business CCTV systems provide a visual record of everything that’s happened wherever they are placed. Having cameras that are constantly overlooking your inventory will allow any business owner to see exactly where their inventory went with a time stamp.

In today’s world of ever expanding technology, most businesses work with integrated systems of cybernetics. Employees rely on various pieces of machinery and computers to help carry out their daily tasks. A modern company can be expected to have technology integrated into various aspects of the business. If there are computers, digital servers, distinct trade tech, and other hardware cohesively assimilated into your employee’s responsibilities then the protection of these assets is indispensable. When tools that are essential for conducting business disappear due to improper security it creates a multitude of problems including:

  • Lost Time
  • Suffered Performance
  • Decrease in Revenue

Contact Security Camera King today to discuss your business CCTV system needs and options. We will give professional recommendations and get the right system for your company in your hands quickly.

Business CCTV Systems

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