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We offer many choices when it comes to complete security camera systems.

Here is a very general breakdown of the different options:

HD-TVI Security Camera Surveillance Systems

HD-TVI is a popular alternative to HD-CVI that works by converting the digital signals to analog while using standard RG59/6 and a power supply. It offers an extended transmission distance of 300-500 meters and supports HD video signal (1080P/720P), audio signal and digital signal transmissions over the same coaxial cable.

These complete surveillance systems feature our DVRs that are not only TVI capable but can also be used with many Analog, AHD and even some IP Network cameras! We have DVRs available that range in size and capabilities depending on what your needs are. Packages come standard with our best value in megapixel security cameras and many packages include both dome and bullets to give you some options and variety. All of the cameras include built-in IR so you can see in total darkness, top quality CMOS Sensors that help produce vivid images and fixed lenses that are sized just right for a variety of situations. Remember that these are preselected packages that can be altered as needed by any one of our helpful staff. Most of our packages also include premade HD Siamese cables that are easy to use plug and play that can be upgraded to rolls of Siamese cable if you prefer. The number of hard drive slots will be based on the size of the unit you choose and we don’t include hard drives with these but we give you the option of choosing the hard drive capacity that best fits your needs. All of our recorders, regardless of price, support our free IPhone, IPad, Android and Android Tablet applications as well as our video management software which allows you to connect to multiple DVRs, NVRs and IP cameras at once.

HD-CVI Security Camera Packages

Next up is our HD-CVI Security Camera Package which also works by utilizing the same RG59 or RG6 coaxial cable to transmit the same signals to provide you with high definition security surveillance video. These DVRs are very similar to the HD-TVI units with the biggest difference being that they work with HD-CVI instead of HD-TVI.

There’s really not much to say in terms of differences. These DVRs are just as capable as any of our other DVRs and all of the aspects of each is the same or very similar. The ability to use these with different types of technologies (HD-CVI, Analog, AHD and IP) is still the same as is the option to increase the amount of storage based on the unit and your requirements. We also give you the option of customizing these predesigned packages based on your situation and needs. Don’t forget, we’re here to assist you as needed. Our US based tech support agents are able to log onto your computer remotely if needed and configure your cameras, adjust settings and troubleshoot remotely!


Network IP camera systems

While many of our DVRs are capable of supporting a number of IP Network cameras, we have also assembled some complete IP Network Security Surveillance Packages for those of you that want the highest megapixel capabilities possible.

There are so many benefits to using our network recorders and these packages have been created with much thought in regard to the needs of home and business owners. As more new homes are built and prewired with CAT5E and CAT6 Network Cable, it becomes more cost effective to install an IP Network security surveillance system. The NVRs we offer can record some of the highest megapixel video out there. These NVRs operate almost the same as all of our DVRs. Our NVRs are all ONVIF compliant so most brands of IP cameras that are also ONVIF compliant will work with our NVRs. We offer a wide range of cameras from bullets and domes to PTZs (Pan Tilt Zoom) and wireless that will meet your needs and help to make you feel secure in your home or business. The GUI, menus and options are nearly identical so if you know how to use our DVRs, it will be an easy transition to our NVRs. Also, all of our smart phone and tablet applications and our video management software work with our NVRs and IP cameras as well. So you can mix and match systems or even upgrade your existing system with our NVRs. Many of our packages include all the needed cable, switches and everything else you might need to get started. With NVRs ranging from 4 to 128 channel and resolution from 1MP to 4K (8MP), you can now have HD video that was unheard of in recent memory and at prices that are just a small percentage of what they were just a few years ago.