August 30, 2013

How to Optimize Your Mobile App to Make the Most Out of Your Security System Integration

Cell phones are no longer the portable convenience evolved from their wireless telephone counterparts. They too have evolved into Smart phones which have now commandeered their ranks amongst PC’s and tablets. Hard to imagine but today’s modern smartphone contains more computing power than all of the computers at NASA's disposal back in 1969. The year the USA first landed on the moon with Apollo 11. Pretty mind blowing, huh? Though you probably won't use your phone to control your own spacecraft or Mars Rover anytime in the near future, it will bring a world of other feasible functionality, like controlling your TV and turning on your household lights. With so many apps offering original ideas or redesigns of the way we operate. All for the sake of convenience, demand, and productivity; these apps are designed (for the most part) to increase efficiency on how we live or engage our products. With all the innovative app technology of today, are you making the most of what it offers? If so, what apps make your day to day life easier, fun, or profitable? Let me know, perhaps your findings will help others adopt (myself included) a new way of useful living. I’ll start it off….
August 14, 2013

GeekOut – The Trouble with Furbies

An online based publication from Security Camera King by Michael Gallardo. This is our series of articles that bring you the interesting developments of technology and the science behind it. All the while reminiscing on nostalgic events, the indulgent in humor, and breaking free of the norm of topics. I hope everyone enjoys
August 14, 2013

Cyber Crimes (Part I)

Crime has become increasingly more digital. It is done with ease, almost unnoticeable, hard to trace and able to be done from anywhere. Pre-date main stream technology, if someone robbed a bank, all we had to do was simply turn our heads and look at those who were in the vicinity of the bank being robbed. Now that it can be done digitally, when someone robs a bank, it can be anyone on the face of the earth that has a computer and an internet connection. The thought of this is very disturbing.
July 12, 2013

Understanding FPS and Resolution Sizes and What They Mean for You

Let’s delve into the world of resolutions and the pixels that they consist of. First what do you know (or understand) what a picture is? I’m sure you’ve been inundated with the term of “1080P”. Or “10 Mega Pixel on the go everyday activity camera” but do you really understand why this is so? Now that I have you questioning yourself, do you wonder if these terms truly mean and represent a higher standard of quality you’re hyped to expect? Let’s begin with trying to grasp how our quality comes into play, it’s known as PAR (Pixel aspect ratio). It is a mathematical ratio that describes how the width of a pixel in a digital image compares to the height of that pixel (Very similar to square feet in units of measurements for buildings). There are a number of articles and tutorials online about this subject. To make the matter even worse there is a complicity of the PAR/DAR/SAR terminology but I will try to present the problem as simply as possible, and in regards to display monitors and DVR exporting instead of motion film cameras. After all, were all here to obtain knowledge in our security devices and how to choose wisely.
June 20, 2013

How to connect your DVR/NVR over the internet Via a WEB BROWSER

Welcome to all who stumbled upon this article. In this segment, I will be discussing three different ways to access your device and cameras. In order to do so for remote viewing be sure you have already taken the necessary steps of creating port forwarding rules on your Local area connection. If you have not […]