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What are active deterrence cameras?

What are active deterrence cameras?

Hi everyone, and Joe here, and today we want to answer a question we’ve gotten about one of our most interesting and innovative CCTV technologies: “What are active deterrence cameras?” Now besides the article, we have here for you that will go into detail on what our Active deterrence cameras can do, we also have an accompanying video for you to enjoy! The video contains a short skit featuring our awesome active deterrence cameras, as well as a brief explanation of the camera and its features. In the article, we’ll go into detail on the product so you know everything it can do.

What are active deterrence cameras? I – The Candy Caper!

What are active deterrence cameras? II – Reactive vs Proactive.

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is what we call our security cameras and recorders working together. We use them to capture footage on-site for the protection of our employees, friends, family, and our property. CCTV is, therefore, a reactive solution to theft and break-ins. When we say reactive solution, what we mean is that you can only watch footage from after-the-fact circumstances, as a reaction to those circumstances.  Cameras and recorders on their own don’t do too much to prevent theft and break-ins, as much as they are there to be a means of having evidence for a variety of situations. This evidence could be used in civil or criminal court to determine liability or criminal activity in anything from a work-related accident, to a robbery, weather damage, or any number of circumstances. So, I think we can agree pretty easy to see how this would be one ‘reacting’ to a circumstance.

Well, if there are reactive solutions, what about a solution that allows us to try and stop crime before it occurs? This kind of option would be referred to as a Proactive solution. Alarm systems are one example of a common, well known Proactive solution. However, alarm systems can only do so much to detect intruders and have limitations. They certainly don’t record video in the event the proactive solution fails to deter any robbery or vandalism. Your proactive solutions should work to deter thieves and vandals, and this is where we get the name for one of our favorite camera technologies- Active Deterrence.

What are active deterrence cameras? III – Active Deterrence, a Proactive AND reactive Solution

Many would argue that simply having cameras, of any kind, on-site is in of itself a form of active deterrence. The reasoning behind this is that a thief who sees that an area is under surveillance is supposedly less likely to attempt a robbery. However, in real-world scenarios, CCTV is not often enough to stop a thief from this attempt. Additionally many might be preoccupied with the break-in and not concerned with or even able to see your cameras. What if there was a camera, that acted as both a CCTV recording device AND an alarm system? Well, that precisely what our active Deterrence Cameras do!

Active Deterrence Cameras are the answer to having a simultaneous proactive, and reactive solution to security installed on site. Why compromise when you could have the best of both worlds? These cameras are equipped with the ability to use IVS or Intelligent Video Survellience rules in combination with their primary Active Deterrence Features. For example, using the camera’s interface, you can create or draw tripwires and intrusion boxes to trigger the cameras active deterrence features, and/or IVs recording.

The active Deterrence features of the camera we are referring to are the two Super bright white LEDs located on the camera itself, as well as its embedded speaker. When the IVS trigger rules are crossed or activated, the cameras LED can be set to flash, and the speaker set to play an alarm noise. These features are of course adjustable to your preferences. The frequency at which the LEDs flash can be altered to be more rapid, or blink more slowly. The Speaker in the camera can be set to play one of several pre-recorded audio files that range from alarm Buzzers to Verbal warnings. Additionally, you are able to record and upload your own custom audio files to the camera. When a potential thief approaches the property, the camera will alarm, letting them know they’re under surveillance and alerting anyone nearby such as on-site security guards to the scene! Additionally, the camera itself is an IP camera capable of recording to an NVR or Hybrid DVR, working as a reactive solution as well. Considering the above-mentoioned ability to upload custom recordings, this also means this camera could instead be used as a greeter, for when customers open the front door!

What are active deterrence cameras? IV – The Tech specs

Active Deterrence Cameras


Active Deterrence Cameras









  • Come in both Bullet (IPOD-ELS5IR28A-AI-AD) and Dome (IPOB-ELS5IR28A-AI-AD) Shell Styles
  • Astonishingly sharp 5 Megapixel resolution
  • 2.8 MM Fixed Lens
  • AI features such as Facial Recognition
  • IP 67 Outdoor Protection Rating
  • Micro SD card slot for Onboard Backup
  • IR distance of 50 Meters, capable of illuminating a scene as dim as 0.005 Lux
  • 102 Degree Horizontal Field of View
  • 20 Frames Per second and Max Resolution, and 30 Frames at 4MP

Thanks for joining us today as we went in-depth on answering “What are active deterrence cameras?” We feel these are a great addition to complete any security system and one of the best proactive solutions you can invest in. If you enjoyed the video, or found it useful, toss us alike, and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel for more content. for more information on products, compatibility, availability, or tech support for already purchased products, please give us a call at 561-288-5258, and until next time
Stay Safe!

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