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The Benefits of a Security Camera System for a Business

Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Complete 16 Channel HDCVI Security System Package

A well implemented security monitoring system is essential this day and age and there are many benefits of a security camera system for a business owner.

When you think about security systems you may think they are for preventing theft or crime, which is a valid assumption. Security systems have other useful applications in the private sector, such as performance evaluation. With an appropriate security monitoring system tailored to your business, you will have the tools necessary to evaluate the day to day operations. For instance, you may own a warehouse where you have been experiencing problems with outgoing orders being either incomplete or incorrect, or there may be customers phoning you with concerns that their order was incomplete. If either of the these situations occur you are able to go back to the day and time of the incident and review whether an error actually occurred.

You can’t always be at your place of business. By owning a security monitoring system you can watch what is happening in real time anywhere you are by the use of the Internet with various applications that are designed for your smartphone or computer. In the comfort of your own home you can view or review the day to day activities. If there is a conflict of how a certain situation occurred, you are able to go back and review what actually occurred.

Business owners are constantly striving to improve the way they operate. By reviewing day to day operations through the use of security cameras they can go back and isolate a problem in the way their employees perform a specific task. Then we can analyze the data and change what was ineffective and improve the way a particular task is performed. This could be as simple as the ergonomics of a workstation, or a particular member of a team not performing up to the standard set by your organization.

We all tend to work harder if we think we are being watched. So just by installing a security monitoring system you should see a spike in job performance.

Legal issues are a big concern for businesses today. Whether coming from inside or outside the organization, lawsuits happen. Could be a slip and fall by a patron, or a workmen’s compensation case. Having video evidence for your attorney or insurance company may be the edge you need to save you countless dollars due to scammers and unnecessary legal fees.

Theft happens; it is a thief’s job. Don’t get mad at the thief as he is only doing his job! Our job is to give you the tools to catch the thief. Just by installing visible cameras is a deterrent. People are less likely to steal or even misbehave if they think they are being watched. This can go for employees or customers. You should install cameras monitoring exits and entrances, cash registers, and safes. Also it is a good idea to have exterior cameras.

Safes can be used to store a wide variety of valuable positions from cash to guns. You may not access a safe for long extended periods of time, so you would not record every moment. You may set up motion detection to trigger the camera to only record when the safe is accessed. This isolates recording to only when someone is in close proximity to the safe. This can be set up to send an email to you every time an event takes place.

You can monitor all activities involving the use of your cash register by installing a camera directly above. This is a deterrent because it is simply there; people tend to behave because of the perception of being watched. Also all transaction may be tracked through a DVR by software built in to show anything from the amount of the transaction to if there was a sale, or when the register was opened. A situation may occur with an employee giving incorrect change and the cash register coming up short. You can determine whether it was a mistake or blatant theft.

You will want to monitor all exits and entrances. These are choke points where you can see who is coming and going. This is valuable because of the mere fact that you can see if your employees are arriving and leaving on time. Also you can check to see if unexpected or unwanted visitors are at sensitive entrances. This can aide in the prevention of burglary, theft, or even armed robbery. This is a dangerous world we are living so make sure you are prepared.

The exterior of you building is commonly overlooked. There are any numbers of reasons to monitor the exterior of your business from theft to protecting the well-being of your employees. You may own a restaurant where you have young attractive females leaving at late hours. There is the possibility of one of your employees being attacked in the parking lot. Not only can you see if such an attack it happening in real-time, but you can go back to the date and time of the incident and aid law-enforcement with the video. Cars are commonly the targets of thieves. This is because of the relative ease in simply breaking a window and gaining access; people often leave valuables in their cars such as electronics to woman’s handbags. Once again the exterior cameras can play a big part in aiding law-enforcement.

It is unfortunate that we have to keep such a close eye on our employees but it is a harsh reality of a business owner. Businesses like the restaurant industry experience theft from employees all the time. Often times the perpetrators are very good at not being seen inside of the business, but they may have more trouble concealing their actions in the parking lot. By having cameras around the parking lot and dumpsters you can see what is being thrown out and what people are taking with them at the end of the day.

As you can see there are countless advantages to having a well implemented security monitoring system, it is up to you to decide how it is in your businesses best interest to implement one. The picture at the top of this article is an example of a 16 Channel HD-CVI Complete Packaged System and you can learn more this surveillance system here.


CCTV Security Camera Systems

Monday, May 9th, 2011

Closed Circuit TeleVision or CCTV security camera systems are fast becoming the most popular means of security for residential and commercial applications.   Thanks to modern technology these systems are incredibly versatile and reasonably priced.

CCTV security camera systems are available with 4, 8, 16, or 32 cameras.  These systems are not required to use the number of cameras specified; in other words this is the maximum number of cameras the system can handle.  So if your security system design calls for seven cameras you will require an 8 camera (also called “channel” CCTV security camera system).

This is a good time to define the word “channel” as it is used in CCTV Security camera systems.  A bit of ambiguity exists because the term is used loosely in two different ways.  One meaning indicates the number of inputs (usually audio or video) or number or camera the system is capable of utilizing.  For example a 16 “channel” system is also a 16 camera system.

The second meaning of the word “channel” is used to refer to radio frequencies often used in wireless digital video security systems.  For example one wireless camera may have 4 different channels or 4 different radio frequencies that it can transmit information to a corresponding receiver.  Generally, when a camera or other wireless device has a choice of radio frequencies from which to operate it’s said to have multiple channels; in contrast, when a digital video recorder or DVR can work with a maximum number of 8 cameras it is said to have 8 channels.

Security Camera King features several complete CCTV security camera system packages.  These packages are categorized by the number of channels the system can handle.  In addition to the number of cameras, these systems can also be categorized by DVR type.  There are 4 such DVRs available in our complete system packages.  They are the Elite Mini Economy, the Elite Mini HD, the Elite Series, and the Ultimate Series.

Besides number of channels and DVR type, security Camera King also offers these feature systems with two basic cabling options.  The first includes plug N play cables and the second is a bulk cable option.

The plug n play cable option includes a 100 foot long RG59/Power Cable complete with BNC connectors and power plugs terminating each end of the cable.   Basically, with these systems all that is needed is to mount the cameras run the cable and plug each of the cable ends into the camera and DVR.  These packages also include a small transformer that plugs into any wall outlet to supply the cameras with power.

The bulk cable option includes a power distribution box(es) 500 feet or more of Siamese rg59/18-2 and all the BNC and Power plugs necessary to connect the cameras to the DVR and power supply.  The BNC connectors are twist-on connectors so no additional equipment is needed for these systems.  The bulk cable option is especially useful for cable runs over 100 feet in length or very short cable runs as well.

These CCTV security camera systems offer powerful features at truly competitive, economic prices.  Starting with the cameras, here is a partial list of some of the features available:

No matter what DVR you choose, the all have a tremendous amount of functions and features with some having more than others.  The following is a partial list of DVR features:

  • Pentaplex operation;
  • Various digital video file copy/back-up options;
  • Various output display options including matrix viewing;
  • Internet compatible;
  • PTZ camera control;
  • Some models may be used to control input/output from burglar alarm sensors; and,
  • Various video image controls.

After you know the size of the system you’ll need to determine what type of DVR that you desire.  Finally, determine your cabling options.  If any single camera has a cabling run of a distance of greater than 100 feet, consider the bulk cable option.

If you have any questions regarding the purchase, use, or installation of a Security Camera King CCTV Security Camera system, contact one of our security experts today via on-line “Live Chat” or by telephone at 866-573-8878 Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6 PM EST.