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Security Made Easy with a DVR System

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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012

Security Made Easy with a DVR SystemMany people do not pay the attention to security that they should, but it is important to constantly keep an eye on the happenings around your home or business. Burglaries are occurring in even the safest of places with an alarming regularity, and there are other crimes that you need to worry about as well. Simply ignoring security will not make the problem go away, so now is the time to make a plan for keeping your home or business secure.

A lot of people think that keeping their home or business safe and secure is a lot of work, but it doesn’t have to be. If you employ the right security methods, you will not have to worry much about security. In fact, installing a set of surveillance cameras and purchasing a nice DVR system can make security both effective and easy, and the good news is that you do not have to spend a fortune purchasing all of this equipment.

Assess Your Security Needs

Before you can purchase the right surveillance system and digital video recorder for your home or business, you need to assess your individual security needs so that you can buy the right system. Instead of simply clicking away and purchasing the first security system that you see online, take a few minutes to determine what type of system that you need. Rushing into the purchase will almost always guarantee that you will be unhappy with your system, but thinking of a few specific needs can help you to choose a system that you will be happy with.

First of all, determine if you will be watching the inside of your building, the outside or both. Most commercial businesses benefit best from having both the interior and exterior of their building under surveillance. This helps to cut down on crime and vandalism in the parking lot, helps you to monitor employees and customers inside and gives you several angles of individuals who come in and out of your business.

Most homeowners are content to simply monitor the exterior of their home. This can be a good idea for many families because a lot of people feel as if their privacy is compromised if the inside of their home is under surveillance. However, you should never skimp on surveillance when it comes to the outside of your home. You also shouldn’t give up on indoor surveillance without thinking about it beforehand. Some families do benefit from indoor video surveillance; for instance, parents who leave their children in the care of a babysitter or nanny on a regular basis might consider indoor surveillance in order to keep an eye on their children and to ensure that their babysitter does not mistreat their kids or steal any of their belongings.

Next, you must determine just how much security is important to you. For instance, those who live in areas that are known for a lot of criminal activity may want to keep their entire property under surveillance, while those who live in a relatively safe neighborhood might be comfortable with simply setting up cameras near their entryways and near their storage shed. Only you can determine what you feel comfortable with, but it is usually best to go with more security than less when given the option.

Another important step of setting up an effective security system is purchasing the right digital video recorder. A DVR will record your video surveillance footage, and it will store it until you need to use it. With your digital video recorder, you can watch your surveillance footage whenever you want to, and you can rewind, pause and fast-forward your footage when you need to. A good digital video recorder is truly one of the best ways to make security easier for you.

Choose The Right DVR System For Your NeedsSecurity Made Easy with a DVR System

One of the most important aspects of maintaining proper security with a digital video recorder is choosing the right unit for your needs. Every individual or business has different needs, so the DVR that works well for your neighbor or best friend might not work well for you. Instead of asking for suggestions from others, take a look at your own property and your own security needs and write down the features and design that you want to look for; this will help you to make a more educated and more successful purchase.

You will want to purchase a digital video recorder that picks up enough channels. This will be determined by the number of security cameras that you need. For instance, a four-channel digital video recorder will only work with four surveillance cameras, and most homes and businesses require more channels than that. Make sure that you purchase a good digital video recorder and enough security cameras so that your property is well-protected.

Although there are different options for storing and viewing your digital video from your security cameras, a stand-alone digital video recorder is typically the best option for both residential and commercial uses. These DVRs cannot be hacked like a computer can, and they can not get viruses. They are also convenient and easy to use, even if you are a beginner to electronics, and their prices are usually quite affordable.

Look For Helpful Features

In order to make security as easy as possible, it is important to choose equipment that will do most of the work for you. Although digital video recorders with more features are typically a bit more expensive than those that only have the most basic of functions, the price is usually relatively marginal. This makes it worth the extra money to purchase the DVR that you really need. Your security is important, whether you are watching your home or your business, and security is the one aspect that you really should not skimp on.

When looking for features, you will want to determine the features that can be most useful for you. For instance, many people prefer to have a digital video recorder that has the option for burning CDs or DVDs. This can be a very handy feature, and tons of affordable digital video recorders have this capability, so you might want to splurge on it, just in case you need it in the future.

You should also consider if you would benefit from being able to monitor your surveillance cameras when you are away from home or your business. Although you will probably typically watch the footage that is stored on your digital video recorder from a monitor in the home or business, it can be very convenient to have access to this footage elsewhere. For instance, a business owner might decide to check out what is going on at his business when he is at home in the evenings, and a mother might feel better checking on her home while she is at work if she knows that her child is home alone. Many digital video recorders have this technology, and they allow you to watch your footage from your computer or even your smart phone.

It is also important to take a look at some of the specifications of a digital video recorder before purchasing it. Make sure that the DVR has a hard drive, and make sure that there is plenty of space on it; otherwise, you might run out of space when you need it the most. You may also want to find a DVR that allows you to use an external storage unit such as a flash drive or external hard drive.

Utilize The Right Features

If you buy a flashy digital video recorder and a nice set of surveillance cameras but do not utilize the great features that your digital video recorder offers, you are truly missing out. Many people get excited about the features that come with their DVR and their security system when they first make the purchase, but then they never use them. Learn how to use all of the features of your DVR when you bring it home, and make sure to utilize these features regularly in order to enhance the benefits of your digital video recorder and to make security easier and more convenient for you.

Set Your System Up RightSecurity Made Easy with a DVR System

Digital video recorders and surveillance cameras can be very useful and effective for security purposes, whether you are using them at home or at your business. However, a surveillance system that is not set up right cannot properly do its job, which will therefore make security a bigger and more difficult issue for you. Taking the time to set everything up correctly in the beginning will provide you with the best security, and it will allow you to relax and to allow your security system to do all of the work.

Make sure that you place your cameras in the right place when setting up your security system. If your cameras are positioned or placed incorrectly, your security will be compromised. After setting them up, take a look at your screen to make sure that you are able to see what you want to see, and consider adjusting them if necessary. It might seem a bit frustrating to constantly position and re-position your cameras, but it will be worth it in the end if you have a clear picture of the area that you need to keep an eye on. Remember that this is basically a one-time deal, and you will not likely have to mess with your cameras again for quite some time after initially setting them up properly.

Also, make sure that you learn how to use your digital video recorder properly when you set it up. Take the time to read the instruction manual, and try out each of the features until you are confident. Put some thought and consideration into where you place your DVR and your monitor. If you place your monitor in a place where you sit frequently, such as in your office or your bedroom, you will be more likely to watch your surveillance footage, and you will be more likely to chance suspicious activity in action.

Make Sure That You Use It

One mistake that many people make when it comes to security is that they simply don’t use it. Although most people will use their surveillance system and will watch their surveillance tapes on a regular basis when they first get their system, many people slack off over time, and this is never a good thing. Although you might get a false sense of security from watching your surveillance footage regularly and never catching anything that seems suspicious, that does not mean that something cannot happen today, tomorrow or next year. You never know what could happen when it comes to residential or commercial security, but you have to know what to watch for, and you have to actually watch for it.

This means that you should always have your digital video recorder on. Turning it off or setting it so that you are only streaming video instead of recording it can be a recipe for disaster. It often seems that as soon as you turn your digital video recorder off, something will happen. Therefore, it is important for you to record your surveillance footage 24 hours a day, even during a time when it seems that everything is calm, safe and secure around your home or business.

You should also watch your surveillance footage regularly to ensure that you are not missing anything. Just because your home or business has not been broken into yet does not mean that someone is not planning it. Watching your surveillance footage can allow you to discover individuals who act suspiciously around your property, and you can contact the authorities and let them know about the situation before anything actually happens. This is one of the many ways that security is made easy with a DVR system, but the benefits are actually endless.

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Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras

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Monday, July 9th, 2012

Outdoor CCTV Security CamerasWhether you are a business owner or if you are simply concerned about the safety of your family and your home, you should consider installing outdoor CCTV security cameras. Taking this extra precaution can help to save you a lot of money and grief in the long run, and you will feel much more safe and secure if you know that you are taking every possible step that you can to protect your property and those who are important to you.

What Are Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras?
You have probably heard of CCTV security cameras, but you might not be sure of what they are. Simply put, these security cameras are used to capture surveillance footage, whether at your home, business or elsewhere. Installing outdoor CCTV security cameras is a great way to protect your home or business, and they give solid evidence for you to use if a crime has been committed on your property.

Why Install Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras At Home?
If you have a burglar alarm installed in your home, you probably feel safe and protected. Unfortunately, however, sometimes burglars can bypass even the greatest of burglar alarms, and some simply grab as much as they can before running out the door — even if your burglar alarm is steadily going off. Although it is always a good idea to protect your home with a burglar alarm, your family deserves better protection that what a burglar alarm alone can provide.

Installing outdoor CCTV security cameras can add an extra layer of protection in order to give you a bit more peace of mind. By setting up your monitor in your bedroom, home office or elsewhere where you spend a lot of time when you are at home, you can easily monitor what is going on outside your home at all times. This can help to take away the scary feeling that can come along with hearing strange noises outside because you can easily see what is going on without having to put yourself at further risk. These security cameras can also be convenient because you can see who is entering your driveway or approaching your home without having to go to the door.

Outdoor security cameras help with home protection in a variety of ways. First of all, the sight of security cameras placed in your trees, on the top of your house and elsewhere on your property can be very intimidating for thieves. These individuals typically look for homes that are a bit easier to break into, so they will more than likely continue on their way if they notice that they are under surveillance when they are on your property. Prevention of crime is always a great first step.

In case a burglar does get brave enough to try to fool your cameras or if he does not notice them, you will at least have high-quality surveillance footage of the break-in or other crime if you have outdoor security cameras in place. This can help law enforcement to find the person who broke into your home, and it can work as strong evidence in court once the thief is caught.

Outdoor CCTV Security CamerasWhy Should Businesses Install Outdoor CCTV Security Cameras?
Homeowners are not the only ones who should be concerned about monitoring the activities on the exterior of their property. Business owners should also consider protecting themselves, their business, their employees and their customers by installing security cameras outdoors.

Business owners should have these cameras in place for many of the same reasons that home owners should, but there are other benefits for businesses to take this extra safety precaution. Businesses that are closed for the evening are often subject to vandalism during the late night hours, and outdoor security cameras can help to cut down on this crime. Parking lots and dark places can also be a central hub for crime, even in the nicest of areas, but having everything on camera is a great place to start when cracking down on these crimes.

It is also a good thing to have outdoor security cameras because it helps to make your employees and customers feel safe. Many people are nervous about patronizing businesses late in the evening or in parts of town where they know that crimes are frequently committed, but security cameras instantly put people more at ease. Hanging outdoor security cameras in prominent places in your parking lot and elsewhere on your property can help to bring in extra business, and it can let your loyal customers know that you are committed to their safety.

Where To Place Outdoor Security Cameras
Equally as important as having outdoor security cameras in the first place is where you place them. Improperly placed security cameras can be almost as bad as not having them at all because you will not be able to pick up clear surveillance footage, and you may miss an entire area of your lawn or parking lot. When installing your outdoor security cameras, it is important to take the time to really plan the best placement of them for the best results.

It is best to purchase enough surveillance cameras that your entire property is under video surveillance at all times, but some people may not be able to spend that much at one time. However, you will want to have the entire property that is close to your home or business under surveillance. Some thieves are very crafty, and they may be able to look at your security cameras in order to determine what areas of your property are not on camera, so you want to make sure that you do not leave too many of these places open.

It is always important to have a camera pointed at all of your exterior doors. You might want to invest in a camera that is vandal proof or you may want to hang it up high so that the camera cannot be vandalized or stolen. Having footage of everyone who enters and exits your home or business is never a bad idea when you are focused on security.

At home, you will also want to make sure that any storage areas that contain expensive items are under surveillance at all times. This means your garage or carport should include at least one security camera so that you can keep an eye on your vehicles, tools and expensive equipment. Storage sheds and other places where you might keep these valuables should also be on camera.

In the business world, you should never forget about the dangers of a parking lot, so it is imperative to have your parking lot under heavy surveillance. Many different crimes can occur in a parking lot, and whether someone is vandalizing or breaking into cars or assaulting your customers, you want to have physical evidence of what took place. Although you might be tempted to only place a camera or two in order to cut costs, make sure that you have enough cameras that there are no hidden spots.

Another thing to consider are dark spots on your property. Burglars and thieves love places where they can hide without being seen, and dark areas of your property provide this opportunity. Not only is it a good idea to illuminate these areas with motion lights, but you should also consider placing surveillance cameras in any spots that you think a burglar might choose to hide, whether it is in the bushes near the side of your property or in the back yard.

What To Look For When Purchasing Outdoor Security CamerasOutdoor CCTV Security Cameras
When purchasing CCTV cameras for outdoor use, you must keep in mind the wear and tear that your cameras will be going through since they are out in the elements. Therefore, you cannot use the same cameras that you would use indoors, or your might find that your brand new camera is no longer in working condition. Try looking for security cameras that are designed for outdoor use. These cameras are typically waterproof, or they are at least water resistant. This helps them to withstand the rain and storms that might come your way.

You also want to look for outdoor security cameras with infrared technology. Regular cameras have a difficult time picking up picture in the dark, and you might not be able to see anything but black on your surveillance footage. Regular cameras that are placed near streetlights or lights that you have installed might pick up decent footage, but this is still not the best way to go. CCTV outdoor security cameras that come equipped with infrared technology give you the best of both worlds because they automatically adjust to the lighting conditions around them. This means that you will get beautifully clear surveillance footage during the day, but your camera will also be able to work properly at nighttime and on cloudy days, meaning that you never have to worry about missing anything important when it comes to your surveillance footage.

How To Store and Watch Surveillance Footage From CCTV Outdoor Security Cameras
When you purchase outdoor security cameras, you will also need to decide how you will store and watch your surveillance footage. The best option for many people is to purchase a digital video recorder that is designed for security purposes. The type of digital video recorder that you purchase will have to do with the number of security cameras that you have installed. Make sure that you purchase a digital video recorder that has plenty of storage space, or at least look for a unit that allows you to add storage space when necessary. You may also want to find a DVR system that allows you to burn DVDs of your video in case you need it for evidence in the future.

Some people choose to watch their surveillance footage on their PC. This is an option for those who are on a budget, but it will take up a lot of space on your computer, and you may not be able to watch your surveillance footage on a constant basis since you will need to use your computer for other things.

Lastly, put a bit of thought into the monitor that you choose for watching your security footage. Many people are tempted to purchase or use inexpensive and old monitors, but it is usually worth it to purchase a new monitor, especially since they are available so inexpensively these days. A monitor with a high-quality picture will allow you to notice and see things that you might not be able to catch on an insufficient monitor.

Other Ways To Boost Outdoor SecurityOutdoor CCTV Security Cameras
Along with your outdoor security cameras, there are other ways to boost the security of your property, whether you are concerned about your home or business. One of the best ways to increase security is to install plenty of lighting. Using a combination of street lights, flood lights and lights that are triggered by motion sensors, you can keep your lawn well-lit even during the middle of the night. Since one thing that most thieves are afraid of is being exposed, these lights can make the difference between a thief passing your home right on by and a thief deciding that your property is a good target.

Posting signs that your property is under video surveillance is also a good idea. If the thieves in question don’t notice your security cameras, they will notice the signs, and they will more than likely be afraid of taking the chance at your home or business. Posting other signs, such as signs that state that you have a burglar alarm, can also help to minimize the risk of a break-in.

By combining several security methods, you can provide your property with top-notch security without even having to spend a lot of money. Each step that you take further protects your home or business, so it is certainly worth the time and minimal investment in order to make your property a safe place.

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Making Security Simple with IP CCTV Cameras

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Friday, July 6th, 2012

Making Security Simple with IP CCTV CamerasClosed circuit television security systems have been a staple of security systems for years. However, there are numerous advantages when it comes to the security systems of today and what used to be around years ago. As the technology changes and improves, so do the amount of capabilities that closed circuit televisions offer.

Video Security in Terms of IP Cameras

In today’s society, the security cameras are able to use closed circuit television cameras along with IP technology. Internet protocol security systems have an amazing resolution when compared to an analog system, which will provide more ease of installation and the features are easy to use.

Join Analog Technology Along with Closed Circuit Television Technology

It can become extremely expensive to do a complete replacement of your older analog closed circuit television systems when compared to the new Internet protocol cameras, but luckily you don’t have to worry about anything like that. You will be able to integrate all of the new Internet protocol technology through a hybrid platform. This will help provide you with all of the benefits the new technology has to offer and the cost is a lot more effective when you compare that to starting the whole process over with all new equipment.

Advantages of Closed Circuit Television Technology

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to replace all of your old analog equipment with the new Internet protocol technology or simply perform an integration of the two technologies because you will notice that there are substantial advantages to the technology:

Easy to Use and Cheap
• It is relatively inexpensive and a lot easier when it comes to maintenance and setting the system up. Purchasing and setting the whole system up can be done in a few simple steps, not to mention maintenance is a breeze. Since today’s closed circuit television systems are mostly all digital, they are a lot simpler to manage. Storing the information that the systems send over is a lot easier than it was before, which also means that is not as corruptible. Information will be stored on the digital video recorder in coordination with the closed circuit television cameras, instead of being placed on tapes that can easily be destroyed or damaged. You will also be able to download all of the footage onto your computer, but if you need to save everything on a long-term basis, you will be able to burn it all to a CD.

Even though the technology for analog systems has remained on the higher end for pricing and the equipment is a lot bigger and difficult to handle, the cameras of today have undergone a dramatic reduction in their size. This means that you will be able to have the most sophisticated equipment at a price that you will be able to afford. Although you may want to have your camera in plain sight for security purposes, the cameras are very tiny in size, which means that you can place them anywhere you like and still get the coverage you need.

Continual Recording
• The older analog systems that once used tapes would generally only be able to provide you with a time lapse recording. However, the newer closed circuit television cameras are able to record on a continual loop and capture all of the information and save it into a large file from all of your cameras. This helps business owners to be able to track down information from all of the sources and keep accurate historical records. Tapes would end up being recorded over, which would end up costing the individual valuable information.

• Since you can go out and purchase a closed circuit television system in any number of sizes and configurations, you will be able to choose the perfect system based upon your individual needs. As your business continues to grow, you will be able to expand upon your system and make sure you always have the coverage that you need. Due to the technology being relatively cheap, you will be able to grow your system without having to worry about the added cost or storage limitations that some of the options originally provided you.

Making Security Simple with IP CCTV CamerasSafety with Closed Circuit Television Systems

Closed circuit television systems all around the world have been looked into with a much greater level of scrutiny and expectation when it comes to reducing the crime level. Although it is not a surefire way to prevent any crime from happening in the first place, many of these closed circuit television systems have proven to be successful at protecting the home from some type of criminal activity. They are a great deterrent when it comes to keeping your assets out of the way of a potential intruder. However, there are a lot of people who feel the results are not guaranteed when the crime taking place involves alcohol to some degree. Many of the people who are intoxicated are not going to care about anything around them, so a security camera will prove to be useless when it boils down to it.

Depending on where you are located at, there may be an issue where the individual person may be monitored by hundreds of cameras throughout the day. When there are numerous cameras around the area monitoring you, there is a less likely chance that someone is going to try something stupid to begin with. Closed circuit television systems are extremely effective when it comes to saving people a lot of time and money over the course of time. Many towns and cities have implemented security cameras across their area as a way to prevent any criminal activity out on the streets from taking place.

Keys for Evaluating Success in a Closed Circuit Television System

Catching the Criminal in the Act – Once you put the fear of being recorded by a closed circuit television system into an individual, they will normally turn the other way when it comes to committing a crime.

Publicity- If your closed circuit television systems are made obvious to the public, the offender will probably end up leaving their intended area and head into another area with less coverage. It has been shown that once the cameras are in position more and more people are running away from criminal activity in the area. However, if the systems are kept on a more private level, the offenders are not going to know where the cameras are positioned. In the end, they will avoid the areas because they won’t know where the cameras are monitoring.

Deploying the Authorities – Closed circuit television systems are able to help improve the time that law enforcement officials are able to respond to the scene of a crime, which helps to save on anyone in the area having to call the police department. The security camera operators are able to determine the appropriate number of officers that need to be sent to the crime scene and alert the law enforcement to what is going on before they even arrive on the scene. This will help the police department know what they are walking into before they ever get there.

Crime Time – If the perpetrator thinks that they are going to be able to get the crime completed before the closed circuit television system has time to record it, the police department will not have as great of a chance at capturing the criminals in the act. As an example, if there is a car thief that is well aware of where the camera is pointed, what the speed and range is limited to, they will be able to determine the best route for avoiding the closed circuit television systems. Even though the criminal may think that they are able to get away with the crime, there are often a lot of times where they are caught on tape anyway.

Where Do Closed Circuit Television Systems Perform Well?

Although a closed circuit television system may likely reduce and eliminate any property crime in public locations, they are not as effective at being able to prevent a violent crime from occurring. The systems are great for sending a crew of police officers into the scene of the crime in a timely fashion, but the perpetrator may be able to avoid the security camera completely. If the cameras are mounted in public areas, the violent crime will not be recorded because most of the time they do not take place in those areas. In this particular instance, having proper lighting in the streets will be able to prevent the violent crimes from occurring in the first place. Whenever alcohol is a contributing factor, the perpetrator does not care or even think about the consequences of their actions, which make the closed circuit television systems ineffective against someone who is intoxicated.

Making Security Simple with IP CCTV CamerasWhen you think about the positive side of a closed circuit television system, you will quickly notice that they help to dispel any fear that the public
might have when these units are in place. Since the police officers are quickly dispatched to the scene of the crime, there is a lot less time for the perpetrator to behave in a violent manner. In order to verify how effective the systems are, local law enforcement needs to go through all of the surveillance footage over an extended period of time to help eliminate any potential errors in crime statistics. If the closed circuit television systems have been given the proper training and they know the quickest way to get the authorities on the scene, the systems will be that much more effective. A closed circuit television system is one of the best ways for preventing crime down the road, which means that as the cameras become more advanced there will be more and more criminals caught in the act and the crime will be stopped in its tracks.

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