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Tribrid Series DVRs - The 16 Channel Tribrid DVRs are an amazing breakthrough in the world of security recorders. They combine the technologies of Analog, HD-CVI and IP all in the same security recorder. Now, you can have different types of cameras all in the same scheme. You can use a combination of Analog Security Cameras up to 960 H, as well as HD-CVI Security Cameras ans IP cameras up to 1080p resolution. For those of you that have an existing analog system and want to start adding some high definition security cameras, then these tribrids are a must-have. HD-CVI uses the same coax as your analog system does (provided they are not plug and play cables), and so all you need to do is swap out your old DVR and cameras with HD-CVI. If you want to keep some of your analog cameras and slowly add or replace your cameras to HD, no problem. You can even add a couple of IP Megapixel cameras to the mix, provided you run Ethernet cable. All of our Tribrids come with free technical support, so if you need help with any of the configurations, we are happy to help.

Hybrid DVRs - Our 16 Channel Hybrid DVRs brings together the best of 2 technologies: Analog and IP. You can think of this Hybrid as a 32 camera capable security recorder because you can record up to 16 analog cameras as well as 16 IP cameras. On the analog side, you can enjoy up to 960H Resolution. On the IP side, you can connect up to 16 cameras with a resolution of 1080p. The analog cameras connect directly to the back of the DVR and the IP cameras need to be connected to an external POE switch. This Hybrid is easy to configure and set up.