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The Elite Series Excellent dependability, affordably priced. These DVRs are packed with high-end features at an amazing value. They provide the user with the ability to remotely view live and recorded video from a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Great picture quality. Industry standard compatibility. This is an excellent choice when quality can not be compromised due to budget. Available in both our home and small-business “mini” class and the full-sized enterprise class units for rack mounting, long life, and long term storage needs.

The Ultimate Series True evidence-level recording. When crimes are committed, evidence is crucial. The size of the recording becomes essential. With 4 times the resolution at realtime, this series of recorder gives you the larger images you need not to just verify a crime has happened, but also give you a real chance at catching the details needed to incriminate individuals. This class of DVR also comes in the budget-minded “mini” size and the more enterprise minded full-size.

The Ultimate Hybrid Necessity is the mother of invention. Created to become a fusion solution for the user that wants to expand his system into the new and powerful world of IP cameras, but isn’t looking to replace his existing system; the Full-Sized Enterprise-Class Ultimate Hybrid creates the bridge from analogue transmission cameras to a fully Digital IP transmission system without having to sacrifice quality or existing coverage. This unit is actually a 32 camera recorder! It can handle 16 traditional analogue transmission cameras AND 16 IP network transmission cameras. Truly the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses that seek to expand into the IP age of security gradually.

The Federal Series Unparalleled resolution for analogue transmission. This unit touts a whopping 960H sized recording. There is no higher resolution that this in the realm of analogue transmission. If you are looking for a simple installation of a new system or instant upgrade to your existing analogue transmission system; this is the perfect choice for you. Designed for governmental requirements and standards for dependability and performance, the Federal Series recorder is hands down the flagship when it comes to ease of setup. Fully compatible with older cameras, yet optimized for newer ones means whether you’re building a new system, or looking to upgrade an older one, the Federal will provide you with amazing performance.