Elite IP Loudspeaker with Microphone 12v or PoE+


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Introducing our LSPEAKER-EL30 Elite Professional Surveillance Speaker, an upgrade to your surveillance setup! Designed for performance, convenience, and versatility – making this speaker essential in advanced surveillance systems.


With an impressive maximum connection distance of 100 meters (328 feet), this speaker ensures every corner of your surveillance area is covered. Compatible with both ONVIF and SIP protocols for integration into existing surveillance infrastructures.


The LSPEAKER-EL30 offers efficient data recording and management with its 512 MB internal storage capability and microSD card support while offering flexible installation solutions such as an auxiliary input, 24V adapter, or via an external PoE+ switch to meet individual setup requirements.


Built-in microphones amplify audio surveillance capabilities by capturing clear and crisp sounds for an enhanced security experience. IP67 Ingress Protection ensures durability and reliability even under adverse environmental conditions.


With a maximum sound pressure level of 120dB and a built-in 15W, 😯 amplifier, this surveillance speaker delivers powerful and clear audio output. Perfect for announcements, warnings or communication purposes – make sure that your message gets heard loud and clear! The LSPEAKER-EL30 ensures it.


With PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) and DC24V 1A input options, this speaker is energy efficient and easily integrated into various power configurations. At 15W consumption, it makes an economical solution for continuous surveillance operations.


Upgrade your surveillance system with the Elite Professional Surveillance Speaker LSPEAKER-EL30 for enhanced security that speaks volumes.



PoE, or Power-over-Ethernet makes it possible to install security cameras and video surveillance equipment without traditional AC power. It permits devices to have electrical power to more places without having to install an additional electrical infrastructure or outlet at every point they are placed. The main benefit is that surveillance devices can be installed without needing a professional electrician, saving people money and simplifying the process, making security cameras more cost-effective.

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