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16 Channel Tribrid CVI / IP Network / CCTV Digital Video Recorder

Product# TRIDVR-EL16-M
16 Channel Tribrid CVI / IP Network / CCTV Digital Video Recorder
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Price $1,249.95
16 Channel Full Size CVI / IP Network / CCTV Tribrid Recorder
Price $1,399.95
Usually Ship Same Day
16 Channel HD-CVI DVR Mini Realtime
Price $529.00
Usually Ship Same Day
16 Channel Hybrid Federal Series H.264 DVR / NVR
Price $849.00
Usually ships Same Day

Customer Reviews

Good Multiple Format Recorder
  Review by Alex Mohnkern on Sep 10, 2014
This multiple format recorder is nice especially if you have cameras that you don't want to dispose of, but need to upgrade your DVR or add additional cameras, especially high definition types. For example, if you currently have an 8 channel recorder that uses 7 analog cameras, you can replace it with this DVR, keep your 7 cameras and add any combination of 9 more cameras that are analog (BNC connector), IP Network (Cat5 Ethernet cables with switches) or HD-CVI high definition. I'll give Security Camera King credit as I think this is just another indication of them always trying to stay ahead of the market with their products. All of the videos we get are sharp, clear, and high quality. If you have used one of Security Camera King's DVRs or NVRs before, you'll be familiar with the program interface or On Screen Display (OSD) menu and it won't take long to get things set up and running. If you aren't familiar with it, their tech support crew does an excellent job of providing support.
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16 Channel Tribrid CVI/IP/Network/CCTV Digital Video Recorder
  Review by Joseph Weiday on Sep 03, 2014
If the industry is going to sell different types of cameras (analog, network, co-axial high definition, etc.) than you might as well have a DVR that can handle the different types. We purchased this DVR so we wouldn't have to just throw out our other cameras. In addition, with a 16 camera system, we found that the versatility of being able to use different cameras gave us a more adaptable use of the system. For example all of our overview shots are in analog 960H resolution recordings while smaller objects and areas where we feel we need individual or facial identification we use the megapixel cameras for the best resolution size recordings. I must admit, the use of a "Tribrid" recorder could be a little overwhelming as far as the configuration and setup is concerned, especially for novices, but Security Camera King has a great technical support crew that will work you through any setup "dilemma" you may encounter. We've found all video recordings to be clear, interference free, and color true regardless of the method of transmission or resolution of the camera. I think this is a great idea and I am glad to see that this type of DVR has finally hit the market.
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