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Well I am glad you’re here, because Security Camera King, Inc.’s cannabis compliance program has been providing top of the line Marijuana video security for the cannabis industry since 2012. The cannabis compliance department works one-on-one with Arkansas Medical Marijuana cultivators and dispensaries to provide; cannabis businesses with video surveillance equipment and with the support they need to be compliant with Arkansas compliance regulations.

And… We are so confident in our experience we created an Arkansas Marijuana video surveillance ebook to share with you; to help guide in your process.

We have surveillance systems approved and operating nation-wide with a 100% success rate. Ask for our references and we will show you!

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    What we do to help build Arkansas Marijuana Video Surveillance Systems?

    1. We work one on with you and your floor-plans, making sure the design/layout fits all your security goals.
    2. We verify that the Layout is designed to comply with Arkansas cannabis security laws.
    3. We supply quality video security equipment to fit your budget.
    4. We pre-configure the equipment to make sure the installation is as smooth as possible
    5. You receive priority technical support, which will aid you in your installation process
    6. You also receive unlimited free priority technical support for the life time of the equipment to support you after your initial setup and purchase.

    We have the experience and the knowledge to design marijuana security camera systems of all sizes and have designed and deployed systems for marijuana dispensaries, processors and producers of all sizes. At Security camera king we pride ourselves on service; we will do our best to guide you in your decision, so that you are able to receive the best marijuana video surveillance system possible.

    We Know the Arkansas Medical Marijuana Industry.

    Arkansas voters approved Issue 6 (The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Amendment of 2016) on Nov. 8, 2016. Allowing for the cultivation and sale of medical marijuana from licenses caregivers to patients. Medical Marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries who will be partaking in Arkansas legal Medical Marijuana (cannabis) program, must comply with the rules and regulation provided by the Arkansas alcoholic beverage control division to become licensed and that includes the compliance of video surveillance systems and other cannabis security measures.

    Inspection is required prior to operation for Arkansas medical marijuana business owners. The Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Control Division shall conduct a thorough inspection of the premises for the following:

    Verify possession and accuracy of detailed plans and elevation drawings;
    Verify connection and accessibility to the Inventory Tracking System;
    Verification of operational alarm and video surveillance systems;
    Verification of secure locks throughout the facility;
    Verification of controls to limited access areas;
    Verification of compliance with perimeter restrictions;
    Any existing personnel records; and
    Review initial inventory required, and verify for accuracy.

    Video Surveillance Systems Requirements for Arkansas Medical Marijuana facilities.

    All cultivation facilities shall be equipped with video surveillance systems consisting of the following:

    1. Digital video cameras;
    2. 24 hour per day, 7 day per week recording capabilities;
    3. The ability to remain operational during a power outage;
    4. Digital archiving capabilities;
    5. On-site and off-site monitoring capabilities; and
    6. All facilities must maintain at least one on-site display monitor connected to the surveillance system at all times. The monitor shall have a screen size of at least 12 inches.

    All cultivation facilities shall maintain camera coverage of the following areas:

    1. All points of ingress and egress to the facility, including, but not limited to, doorways, windows, loading bays, skylights, and retractable roof mechanisms;
    2. Any room with an exterior wall, except restrooms, any room containing a safe, and any room or area used to grow, process, manufacture, or store medical marijuana;
    3. All areas in which any part of the disposal process of marijuana occurs; and
    4. All parking areas and any alley areas immediately adjacent to the building.
    5. All recording devices shall display a date and time stamp on all recorded video.
    6. All recording devices shall have the capability to produce a still image from the video recording, and each facility shall maintain, on site, a video printer capable of immediately producing a clear still image from any video camera image.
    7. Access to on-site surveillance system controls and monitoring shall be limited to authorized personnel. Cultivation facilities shall identify individuals with access to surveillance system controls and monitoring upon request by the Division.
    8. All surveillance recordings shall be maintained for a minimum of 90 days.
    9. Arkansas Marijuana Video Surveillance eBook and Learn More About Affordable Video Surveillance Systems

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