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Tribrid DVR Series DVRs - The 4 Channel Tribrid Series DVRs can record Analog, HD-CVI and IP all on DVR. This means you can use a combination of Analog Security Cameras (up to 960H Resolution), HD-CVI Security Cameras (up to 1080p Resolution), and IP Network Cameras (up to 1080p Resolution). This is great news for those who want to upgrade an old analog system and want to introduce High Definition Security Cameras to your lineup. HD-CVI uses the same coax as your analog cameras, so you can leave your power and cables in place. Over time, if you want to go completely with HD-CVI, no problem, just swap out your analog cameras with HD-CVI. You can even connect up to 2 IP Network Cameras. For both HD-CVI and analog you would use traditional 12v DC power.

HD-CVI DVRs - Our 4 Channel HD-CVI DVRs are an inexpensive option to experience TRUE HD High Definition Security Recording. HD-CVI uses standard coax cable and 12v DC power so if you are thinking of upgrading from an analog system, this is the perfect choice for you. You can leave your power and cable right where they are and just replace your outdated DVR with an HD-CVI recorder, and also swap out your cameras with HD-CVI cameras. If this is your first system, HD-CVI is super easy to install. There is no fancy networking knowledge needed. It is practically "plug and play".