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Elite Series
Elite DVRs are designed to give the user optimal performance at a price anyone can afford. These units provide a combination of features and quality that is seldomly found not only at this price point, but even for more money. There’s no need to sacrifice accessibility through your smartphone, laptop, or tablet device. You get that and many more features that minimize hard drive usage, optimize network performance, and provide excellent recordings. Now available in the economical mini size for minimal space consumption, making it the perfect recorder in your home, camper, small business, club house, or any space restricted application.

Ultimate Series
When you need a security solution for evidence collection, there are many things to consider. Two of the most important factors are recorded resolution and image quality. The Ultimate Series recorders are built with this in mind. Not only do they provide superior crisp, clean, and clear images in the recording; but they also do so at four times the industry standard. Some recorders may do this at the sacrifice of frame rate, but not the Ultimate Series. These recorders do so while remaining at realtime, thirty frames per second. This means your footage remains smooth and without irritating choppiness. All while still giving all the features you can find in every DVR we sell.

Federal Series
When you need the highest level of evidence possible, this recorder is your only option. This unit records at a whopping H960 resolution! It can be used to instantly upgrade your existing security solution, or help you build an amazing solution that super easy to install and setup. Optimized to operate with the newest cameras on the market, or just provide phenomenal recordings with your existing ones. Most companies do not offer a unit of this resolution as it is literally the cutting edge of analogue transmission recorders.