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Elite Series DVRs The 8 channel Elite series DVRs are a great option for the home and small business. They provide excellent quality while remaining affordable. These units are easy to use and dependable. They’re also feature-rich and can provide the user with the access they need; such as viewing live feeds and recordings from their smartphone, tablet, and computer. Available in a consumer friendly mini version, and an enhanced performance full-sized one as well.

Ultimate Series DVRs These recorders are enhanced with 4 times the resolution of the Elite series recorders and offer a full D1 sized image at 30 frames per second! This means that the end user gains a 4 times better chance of obtaining the details required from the recording over most recorders on the market. Dual core processing brings the full feature set of the Elite with the performance of the best recorders on the market. Available as a full-performance mini or enterprise class rack mountable unit with additional features.

Federal Series DVRs If you are unhappy with the current performance of your system, or are simply looking for the absolute best you can get in an easy to setup analogue transmission CCTV camera system, the Federal recorder is hands down the choice. It records in an industry leading 960H resolution! This is MUCH higher than the average recorder. Very few companies offer this enormous sized recording option. Only available as a full-sized unit, this unit is commercial industrial grade and was developed to meet the requirements of Governmental Law Enforcement agencies.