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CCTV Video Transmission

Surveillance system video is normally transmitted over coaxial cable such as RG-59 or Siamese cable. However, in most cases video can be transmitted over any pair of wires. This can be particularly handy if you have existing unused network or phone cabling installed in the areas you need surveillance. Some installations are performed using only twisted pair wire such as CAT5 to provide for possible upgrades to IP type cameras in the future. Baluns allow you to use CAT5 UTP cabling or any other pair of wires to transmit your security surveillance video. Baluns are available either singly, which will accomodate one camera, or as 8 and 16 channel units which will support multiple cameras. Baluns are also available in Active or Passive configurations. Passive Baluns are unpowered and simply convert from a BNC type connection to twisted pair cable. The maximim distance that can be achieved with these Baluns is approximately 750 feet using CAT5 cable. Active Baluns are powered and provide boosted transmission which allows you to transmit up to 5000 feet over CAT5.