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HD-CVI 2MP - 1080p Indoor/Outdoor IR Bullet Camera

Product# CVIOB-EL2MPIR50
HD-CVI 2MP - 1080p Indoor/Outdoor IR Bullet Camera
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Price $135.95
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Price $89.95
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Customer Reviews

HD-CVI 2MP -1080p Indoor Outdoor IR Bullet Camera
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  Review by Elsie Dorado, Boulder Security on May 27, 2014
As a security contractor, I install a lot of systems ranging from alarms and medical alerts to security camera system. The quality of these systems range from bad to good as well as sometimes my clients ask my recommendations and other times they have something very specific in mind and want that particular brand/type installed. I have been in this business a long time (from looping video tapes to the present) and have seen a lot of changes. Probably, the most astounding is the IP network megapixel camera systems now available today. However, HD-CVI technology itself is not new, but using in the security camera system industry is. It's no surprise to me that Security Camera King is one of the first companies to embrace this technology as they always seem to be on the leading edge. It's my belief that because you can still use coaxial cable, and the drastically reduced price of HD-CVI systems from network systems that this technology may soon find itself competing for the top with network technology as time goes on.

For this specific bullet camera there isn't much more you could ask for out of an HD-CVI camera. Once again Security Camera King "pushes the envelope" with a 2 megapixel camera on an HD-CVI camera. The camera is a bullet so it can be mounted indoors or outdoors without the need for purchasing an enclosure and lens like you would a box camera. The camera has a built in OSD which is actually controlled not through the camera anymore but comfortably from the HD-CVI DVR after the camera is mounted. The 50 foot infrared range on this camera's specs are accurate as well. The picture quality, well you really have to see it for yourself, but is excellent; crisp, clear, detailed, and colorful. If there were anything that I would say this camera could have in addition to what it's already got, it would be a varifocal lens since it does have a fixed 3.6mm lens. Regardless, in my book Security Camera King and this camera get 5 stars.
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