All you have to do is replace your outdated DVR and analog cameras with our HD-CVI DVRs and Security cameras.

Now you don’t have to go through the added expense and hassle of re-wiring to meet the needs of TRUE HD recording.

Added benefits of HD-CVI are being able to send video as far as 1,600 feet without repeaters and still enjoy High Definition Megapixel recordings without latency. Another benefit HD-CVI delivers is you can now control the On Screen Display (OSD), RS485 and Audio directly through the same coax cable used for your video transfer. You no longer have to fumble with the OSD at the camera or run extra control and audio cables.

Say goodbye to D1 recording and say hello to Megapixel resolutions at affordable prices. You will be amazed at the detail, HD-CVI can deliver. Plus, if you ever have to turn over your surveillance video to the authorities, Megapixel recording could be the difference between a positive identification & arrest or simply re-watching the crime at D1 resolution.

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