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Often, installing a camera means that you need ceiling-mounted brackets that work with common mini-camera models. This bracket can work with popular and common camera models. They’re a great choice when you don’t want to use the included wall-mount and instead want to mount it from the ceiling.

Other popular cameras in wide-spread use across the industry work better with a pendant-style mount. These tend to feature a sturdy metal alloy that is lightweight enough to allow for easy mounting, but durable enough to keep the camera secure. This is a popular choice for dome-style cameras as well.

Pendant mounts are available with varying sizes in neck length, making them able to function in various ceiling heights and types. Some setups require special brackets that work for low level walls running along the roof the building, balcony edges, or along the sides of bridges or similar structure. These are made out of weather-resistant, strong, lightweight metal alloys that are built to last.

In some cases, you’ll need mounting brackets that feature metal “zip-tie” style fixtures to accommodate a wide range of cameras. For other setups, it can be useful to use a pole mount. These tend to feature three flexible metal straps attached to a sturdy bracket that can function with a wide range of cameras.

Typically, a in-ceiling mount works well for discreet, simple fixtures used for monitoring environments. Low profile fixtures such as these are good for design choices, or hospitality industry environments such as hotels.