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This cable stripping tool is used to strip the outer jacket of various cables including Cat5, RG59, RG6 and others. There is also a built in cable cutter. This is very handy for CCTV installers.

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5 reviews for Cable Stripping Tool

  1. Ronald Smith, CCTV Installer

    This tool works pretty well for most cable types from Cat5, RG59, RG6 and so on. It’s not a real heavy duty tool, but then again the price is $50 or $60 either. I think this device would make an excellent tool for do it your selfers who want to install their own security camera system. Once you’re done installing your system, you can always use it on your cable TV, personal computer Ethernet lines, etc

  2. R. Hood, IT specialist

    We recently purchased a megapixel camera package system from you and while we were at it I needed a new cable stripping tool so we thought this one looked suitable. After using it I can say that it works great, strips clean and cuts clean and is inexpensive compared to other comparable tools.

  3. Jack Swanson

    Every body has their own method for stripping wire. From dykes (old term for wire strippers) to long nose pliers, jack knives, or cutting blades. If you aren’t handy with any of these or want something that can strip round cable as well as Cat5, for $13 this is a nice tool to have.

  4. Art Grayson

    I’m always working on projects around my house or for many of my friends and neighbors. When I ordered my home security camera system I was perusing the tools section and came across this stripper. For the low price, it’s not only handy for the professional installer but it’s great for the do it your selfer like me. It makes stripping that outer jacket easy without cutting into the wires, shielding, or cable underneath.

  5. Brian Pinson

    I was pleasently surprised when I received this tool. For $10, I exptected it to be cheap. After a few adjustments, it made stripping RG59 wire a breeze. Highly recommend this tool!

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