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What to do if DVR says Hacked with Black Screen

There has been a widespread occurrence of DVR and NVR recorders being hacked remotely. A couple of weeks ago a backdoor vulnerability affecting up to 250,000 Hikvision devices was publicized and now we have been notified by another factory (the second largest security manufacturer in the world) that their recorders have a vulnerability that is being exploited worldwide on their recorders . It appears the hackers have found a way to use the local only 888888 user remotely in order to access the system. The attack makes changes to the video settings in order to make the screens black and rename the cameras as “Hacked”. It does not appear that they have modified or altered any of the stored recordings, nor have they locked the user out of the system.
As a supplier of security cameras from the 3 largest manufacturers we do our very best to
provide industry leading technical support and service to our customers. If your systems has been hacked please complete a ticket on our website and provide us with your order number, Serial number and the model number of your recorder. Include the fact that you have been hacked and we will provide priority support for your case.

The steps to remedy the issue are as follows:

  1. Log into the recorder locally using the 888888 username and password.
  2. Go to the default menu and click factory default.
  3. Log back into the unit and in the system info section record the serial number and
    firmware version information.
  4. Provide the serial number, Model Number (found on back of unit) and firmware version
    to us.
  5. We will provide updated firmware if available.
  6. Load firmware into the device locally with a USB stick or over the network from your
    PC.(Our Tech Support can assist with this step).
  7. After the upgrade is done change all your account passwords from default to a secure
    password using a combination of upper and lower case letters and numbers, eight
    characters or more and if you want network access, change the default port numbers
    from the default 37777 and 37778. Do not use port 80 and we recommend anything
    above 1024.

We have a large team of technical support staff and we will be working as fast as we can in
order to assist as many of our customer as quickly as possible. Please try your best to provide
all the information we have requested so that we can expedite your ticket as soon as possible.
Even if your recorder has not been hacked your should take this opportunity to make sure you
have the most current firmware. All three of the factories we do business with update their
firmwares on a regular basis. Many of these updates offer improvements in functionality, fix
bugs or offer improvements in security.