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Home Surveillance Systems

If you watch the news on a regular basis, you can’t help but wonder if there’s something in the water here in sunny Florida. I wonder on a regular basis what it would be like to live in a place that wasn’t a constant news headline. I guess the statistics say it all . . . 10 of the nation’s 100 most dangerous cities are in Florida*! I’d be surprised but, the constant barrage of headlines like “Naked man breaks into home, bites resident, then dies”, “Pantless Canadian hijacks luggage vehicle at Orlando International Airport”, “Man steals $400 in deodorant, body wash from St. Pete CVS”, ”Police: Man in Sponge Bob outfit stood over sleeping woman in St. Pete”, “Woman smears bananas on cars at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, police say” are enough to make anybody crazy! You have to protect yourself and your property! There is no better way to do this than with Securitycameraking.com’s business and home surveillance systems.

It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about a home or business, you deserve to feel safe and if a security surveillance system will help . . . what are you waiting for? At this point, technology has advanced significantly and prices have dropped to levels that wouldn’t have have been possible just a few years ago.

We have 4 camera packages that start as low as $305.03 and include everything (even a 1TB hard drive) to get you up and secure. This is something you shouldn’t need to justify if you are a home or business owner. You own a business . . . it’s a tax write-off. You own a home . . . it’s your safety and it might reduce your homeowners insurance cost.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology released a study titled “UNDERSTANDING DECISIONS TO BURGLARIZE FROM THE OFFENDER’S PERSPECTIVE” in December of 2012 and it showed some interesting statistics. Beyond all of those numbers though, the most interesting finding is “Regardless of whether the crimes were planned in advance, the majority of these burglars indicated they would consider a number of factors before committing a burglary. The largest proportion of respondents considered security cameras / surveillance equipment, followed by alarms, people inside the structure, dogs, and cars in the driveway.” These are not alternative facts . . . home surveillance systems are one of the top deterrents!

We continue to work with the factories that manufacture the cameras to our specifications to ensure that they have the options that are necessary to keep you safe and your property secure. Technology like IR (infrared) that uses built-in LED lights is one of those features that most consumers want and need today. These cameras depend on reflected infrared light so they use a built-in LED array and don’t require an external source of light to produce an image. This creates a monochromatic image (black & white) that can allow you to still see features and potentially identify a criminal or some distinguishing feature.

Motion detection is another feature that is in high demand and is a standard feature with most of our cameras. It works a little differently depending on the home surveillance systems being used, but is always easy to set up. Working with motion detection in cameras and recorders depends on the brand and technology. Technologies that use coaxial cable will allow you to make changes right from the DVR regardless of brand. For those of you working with IP Network technology, you can use the same brands and make the changes from the NVR or use different brands and make the change from the cameras.

In order to save storage space, many of our customers will set the camera to record based on motion. You can make changes to the settings that will block or “mask” areas that you are not concerned with so that recording is not triggered every time a leaf on a tree blows. You are also able to change the settings so that you will receive an email every time that recording is triggered so that you will be able to react or act quickly. Based on the above referenced study, most burglaries were less than 10 minutes while some lasted over an hour! Had you received a notification via email, you could have contacted the police or a neighbor or reacted yourself. Check out this video from our video vault that gives you a little more in depth look at motion detection and why and when to use it.

Manual and motorized zoom features are also some of the most important options available in home surveillance systems today. Manual zoom cameras give you the option to change your view but require you to either adjust the zoom ratio prior to installation or you will have to climb up on a ladder to make the changes. Motorized zoom, however, makes it easy for you to be able to change it right from your DVR or NVR whenever you need to change what you see! Hey, why not look at our PTZ cameras that pan, tilt AND zoom!

There are tons of other features depending on the camera and technology. Visit our webpage and see our wide selection of business and home surveillance systems. Check out our CCTV learning center that has resources such as articles and videos, which offer valuable insight into the security surveillance world. We even have an installation department that can save you from having to do any of the work yourself. Come check out our recently updated webpage at www.securitycameraking.com and see what we have to offer.

* Based on cities in America with 25,000 or more people and the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents. Inclusive of homicide, rape, armed robbery and aggravated assault as reported to the FBI.

Home Surveillance Systems



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